A second chance episode 33

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Naomi’s spirit appeared with her light
gown flowing everywhere.
The whole room lit up so brightly that
Nneka had to cover her eyes.
‘why havent you been answering my
calls?’ Nneka asked.
‘what do you want?’ Naomi asked, her
face as white as snow.
‘a stubborn fly is the one that will
always follow the corpse to the grave.’
‘what is it you want mother that made
you call me from my grave? Cant you let
me rest in peace? Must you torment me
even in my grave?’
Nneka laughed.
‘you have always been a stubborn child
and i have always known that. It was
my mistake for not wiping you from the
surface of the earth the very day you
were born’
‘but i’m gone now, you must be fulfilled’
‘no mother will be fulfilled at the death
of her only child’
‘what are you doing in my husband’s
‘thats none of your business. The dead
should not concern hinself with the
living. Just do what i’m about to ask you’
‘what is that?’
‘i ant you to warn your senseless
daughter Maria, tell her to stop getting
in my way else, she will end up just like
‘please do not hurt my child. Let her be’
‘i have no intentions of hurting her. But
i am not ready to die in the stead of
anyone so she should just let Tony get
‘and if Tony does get married, what
does it have to do with you? Since when
did you start caring for other people?’
‘shush! I am not concerned about Tony
one bit. I have an assignment to carry
out and it has to do with Tony’s
Alice walked up to them gently. Maybe
they had her son, maybe not.
‘excuse me’ she said.
Thay looked at her and whispered
among themselves.
‘what are you doing here?’ she asked.
‘move!’ one of them ordered her.
She looked around ‘move to where if i
may ask?’
‘look, if you dont want trouble, then
hust do as we say’
Tony drove very fast then he heard the
sound of a ringing tone which didnt
sound like his.
He looked around and saw it on the
passenger’s seat. It was Alice’s phone!
‘s–t!’ he said and turned back…….
To be continued

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