A second chance episode 36

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Tony dropped the call and told Alice that
they should head to the police station
and they did.
They drove quickly to the station.
Alice was shocked to see her mother
and son there.
On seeing his mother, Felix ran and
hugged Alice. Alice lifted him up
‘mother!’ she said in surprise.
Kofo stared at her in anger.
‘how did you find Felix?’ she asked.
‘i was the one who took him idiot!’ Kofo
‘yes. Didnt you get my text message?’
‘i did get a text message but it was a
strange number, not yours.’
‘stupid girl! Just say you’ve deleted my
number from your phone, nonsense!’
Alice looked at her in surprise, then to
‘mother, i demand an explanation to all
of this!’
‘oh yes! You need and an explanation.
Didnt i give you a week to show up at
our house? Did you come? So yesterday,
i came to your house and i saw Felix. I
had actually came for Felix not you. I
dont need your presence! All i want is to
spend some time with my grandson. I
sent you a text. I expected you to show
up at our house but you didnt come!
Stupid girl!’ Kofo said in bitterness.
She was close to tears. What had she
done to deserve this ill treatment from
her only child.
Rhoda knocked on Nneka’s door for the
umpteenth time but got no response.
Nneka had not been down since
morning. She was worried. As she
turned to leave, something
Tony went outside of the station and
put a call across to Stella. He had missed
her sweet and sexy voice.
‘hello Tony’ Stella’s voice said from the
other end,
The excitement in her voice showed she
was happy to hear his voice.
They chatted for sometime with Stella
asking why he hadnt called and hadnt
been taking her calls.
He narrated all that happened between
him and Alice.
‘who is Alice?’ Stella asked.
‘a friend’s cousin’
‘what does she have with you’
‘she is a friend too Stella’
‘no, no. I dont want that kind of
friendship with her. Please just end it’
Stella said in anger.
Tony was surprised. He has only known
this lady for a few days and she was
already telling him what to do.
One thing he hated the most was
people telling him what and what not to
do. He arranged a meeting with Stella
the next day.
He walked back into the police station.
Maria and Susan walked hand in hand
into Susan’s house.
They met Susan’s step mother standing
angrily in front of the door.
‘why are you just coming back from
school now eh? You idiot, come and go
to school tomorrow let me see you!’ she
Maria turned to Susan.
‘Susan go and get ready for the party.
Its about to start. When you are done,
we will go over to my house so i can
take off this uniform’ Maria said with a
Susan nodded.
‘who are you and which party are you
taking my daughter to?’ the woman
asked angrily.
‘none of your business!’ Maria said
‘what? So Susan, you have gone to bring
your friends to this house to insult me!
You shall see. You are not stepping a toe
out of this house!’
‘says who?’ Maria asked.
Susan looked at Maria. Even though she
was determined to get rid of her step
mother, she couldnt do this much.
Maria looked at her too.

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Rhoda stopped in her tracks. She had a
laughter. An echoing laughter. No one
not even Nneka could laugh that way.
What was happening? She asked
She decided to look through the
Tony drove silently.
Kofo sat at the back with Felix while
Alice sat in the front.
Alice was sobbing quietly.
Her conscience was pricking her. She
was giving her mother a tough time.
Yes she was.
Why? Because of Benjamin.
Where is Benjamin? He was gone.
Who is suffering for all this? The living.
No way! She will never let anyone suffer
again because of the dead.
She had been living miserable for a
while now. No way! She will live life to
the fullest.
She will try to forget her past. It will be
hard but she will try her best.
She made a mental note to pack out of
the flat she was staying in, bought for
her by Benjamin. She planned to live
with her parents again.
Live her life to the fullest and make sure
no one around her is hurt.
She promised.
Tony pulled up in front of a building.
‘Alice. This is it right?’ he asked.
‘yes. Thank you’ Kofo said. She was
quick to answer.
Alice was about to come down when
Kofo stopped her.
‘where the hell are you going to?’ she
‘to the house of course’
‘i dont want to ever see your shadow
close to my house again. Since you have
refused to step a foot in this house,
your shadow shouldnt go close to it’
Kofo said.
Alice was too shocke to say a word.
‘but i have a favour’ Kofo said.
She didnt wait for Alice to reply.
‘give me a week with Felix. Please, he is
my grandson’
With that she came down with Felix and
disappeared into the building.
What to do?
‘look whoever you are, i wont let you
come into my house to insult me, never!
Susan take her to where you brought
her from!’
‘i cant ma i’m sorry. She is my guest!’
Susan said rudely.
‘your father must hear this! You now
have the stupid effontery to talk back at
me and with such rudeness. Today is
today. Its either i leave this house or you
do and trust me, the latter will be the
case!’ the angry woman said and left.
Susan and Maria laughed loudly to her
‘continue with this method and she
wont intimidate you again, i assure you
that!’ Maria said.
Susan smiled.
She escorted Maria out to the gate. Then
she promised herself that she will make
life a living hell for her wicked step
She was all smiles as she entered the
Immediately she entered, a broom
landed on her back.
Shalalala, it sounded.
Susan almost went mad. She seized her
step mother by the shirt and the duo
began to struggle.
Before Susan could know what
happened, she fell on the floor. The last
thing she heard was her step mother’s
wicked laugh then she passed out……
To be continued

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