A second chance episode 41

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Nneka pushed the pot underneath her
bed and picked the call. It was her
husband and she had no choice than to
pick it.
After the call, her room started shaking
and she knew what it was all about.
Like a flash of lighteneing, Queen
Lateefa appeared.
Nneka quickly bowed before her.
‘you are welcome, queen of the coast’
she said as she slowly rose on her feet.
Queen Lateefa disappeard then
appeared again on her bed.
‘Nneka, queen of serpents. I want your
husband dead’ Queen Lateefa said.
Nneka’s mouth flew open.
‘that man is going to be a stumbling
block for you. So, get rid of him’ Queen
Lateefa said. Her eyes were
interchanging colours.
From red, to blue, to green and back to
black. It always did whenever she was
She was very fair, chubby and very tall
and very pretty. She had two short
horns on her forehead and three long
ones on her shoulders.
Her eyes were green but always change
colours whenever angry.
She had ten fingers on each hand. Her
hair was golden. And on it sat a crown.
There was a round red colour painted
on her forehead. All her teeths were
gold, pure gold.
In the middle of her left palm, was a
mirror which she used to see the future.
She was invicible, only her members
could see and feel her presence
whenever she was around.
Everyone (members) were scared of her,
why shouldnt they? She was horror.
At the hospital, Susan regained
She looked around the room and knew
where she was.
The events that happened flowed back
She saw her dad, her brother and the
fake concern on her step mother’s face.
She also saw Maria.
Her father was happy she was finally
‘Susan, my dear, what happened to
‘father i…….’
‘i already told you Martins, she fell from
the staircase’ her step mother quickly
‘what?’ Susan asked in surprise.
Her step mother gave her the ‘talk-and-
you-die’ kind of look.
Susan quickly kept quiet.
Maria spoke up.
‘with all due respect sir, i witnessed
everything that happened. Susan didnt
Maria said to the surprise of all
including Susan.
Martins looked at Ann then to Susan and
back to Maria.
‘what are you saying?’ Martins asked.
‘i and Susan came back from school
quite late because of extra lessons. Her
mother was so sngry and warned her
to stop the extra mural lessons and it
was essential. Susan went on her knees
and begged. This woman here kicked
and slapped her furiously till she passed
out. Then she warned me not to talk
else she will strangle me to death. I fled
for my safety but seeing how she just
lied, my conscience cant take it
anymore. Susan and her brother are
suffering much in the hands of this
To be cont

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