A second chance episode 44

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Nneka flagged down a taxi that took
her to shoprite, bought a few things
and came back home. She couldnt
believe what Fred just did? Where was
the love they once shared? It was all
gone now.
Tony opened Maria’s door without
knocking. She was unclad when he
entered, but on sighting him, she
quickly wrapped a towel round her
‘oh dad! Why didnt you knock?’ she
asked in a embarrased tone.
‘need i remind you that this is my house
and i can enter any room i wish to’ Tony
‘where have you been?’
‘with a friend’
‘dont give me that crap. We both know
that you’ve been avoiding me because
of the evil you have done’ Tony said and
sat on the bed.
‘what…..what evil have i done?’
‘so Maria, cant i bring guests to my
house anymore?’
Maria pouted her lips rudely.
‘answer me!’ Tony barked.
She jerked ‘not female guests’ she said
”you even have the guts to say it? What
rudeness!’ he said.
‘father, just so you know, i wont tolerate
female guests in this house. I hope you
understand’ Maria said.
Tony stood up angrily and headed
towards her. She moved back too.
‘who owns this house?’ he asked.
‘y…you. So?’ she asked as she moved
back until she got pinned to the wall.
Tony reached for her face and slapped
her hard across the face, twice.
‘father!’ she screamed and her towel
came loose.
‘i would no longer tolerate your
nonsense in this house, do you hear
‘and i would not tolerate you bringing
sluts into this house. For christ sake,
dont you have any respect whatever left
for mum?’ Maria asked amidst tears.
Tony slapped her again.
‘stop being dramatic stupid girl and
watch the way you talk to me for i’m
your father’
‘you are not my father anymore and i
hate you!’ she picked her towel and ran
out of the room leaving Tony in wonder.
Was this his little princess? Was this the
girl he so much loved? If she was then
she must have turned into a witch
Fred looked tenderly at Kofo who was
sleeping softly next to him.
He smiled.
He felt fulfilled to have her as a wife.
She was blunt to a fault but Fred loved
She was too harsh as a mother but Fred
didnt care. He didnt regret marrying her
at all.
He had married her to stop his parents
from getting him into an arranged
marriage. So his marriage to Kofo was
not on the basis of love.
He couldnt believe he could love any
woman the way he loved Nneka.
Oh Nneka!
He had completely forgotten that he
planned to meet with Queen Lateefa
that night.
He looked at the wall clock and saw that
it was 12:10am.
He left the bed quietly so as not to wake
He put his hand under the bed and
brought the keys of his chambers, then
he quietly left the room.
On getting to the room, he found out
that the door was not locked as usual.
He bacame alarmed.
Did someone tamper with the keys?
Than he remembered that he had
forgot to lock the other time he entered
into the room because he heard Kofo’s
He entered the door and gently locked it
from inside.
Hmmm, the room was horror and an
awful sight to behold.
To be continued

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