A second chance episode 49

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Alice clenched her purse and turned to
‘sweetheart, lets go to Diamond castle
instead. I really dont like this restaurant’
Alice said.
‘wow! See that’ Amy said pointing
towards the direction of Stella and Tony.
‘i hope to have a romantic and caring
man like him in the future’ Amy said.
‘do you know him?’ Alice asked.
‘who doesnt know Tony Brown. Though
i’ve never seen him in person. He’s a
b—–d billionaire and i never knew such
a person could be so romantic kind of’
Amy said with excitement in her eyes.
‘eh, i hear you. Abeg lets leave jor!’ Alice
‘but why? We just came here now!’
‘so all the one wey i dey talk since, you
no dey hear am abi?’
‘wetin you talk?’
‘okay, meet me outside’ Alice said and
left the table.
Amy who was shocked and surprised at
the same time stole a glance at Tony
and co, then left too.
‘babe, what was that for?’ Amy asked.
‘i’m sorry Amy. Lets just go to Diamond
Castle. I will foot the bills’ said Alice.
‘not until you give me a tangible reason
why you chose to leave’
‘abeg no vex’
Amy sighed.
After spending ample time with Amy,
Alice decided to just visit her apartment
for the first time in two months.
Everywhere was still the same way she
left it. She really didnt know what
exactly brought her here but all she
knew was that she just wanted to go
there again.
She went to her bedroom and lay on the
bed as her brain switched to ‘Tony’
That lady looked somewhat familiar but
she couldnt place her fingers on it.
They looked so much in love with each
Why did it hurt? She was jealous.
Over the few past weeks, she has been
able to admit to herself at least that she
was in love with Tony.
She didnt know when she was sobbing.
WHAT?! Sobbing? But why?
She cleaned her eyes, opened her
wardrobe and packed some of her
clothes into a box.
She took it along with her and just as
she opened the door to go out, she saw
him smiling like an idiot.
Tony went up the stairs lazily. He was
smiling broadly like one who won a
Lunch with Stella was fun. He fell on the
cushion lazily.
He picked his phone and dialled Alice’s
number. He had seen her walk out of
the restaurant with a lady at her heels.
She was faraway and he didnt want to
call her back so he decided to call her
once he was home.
He called her twice and she didnt pick. It
was unlike Alice.
‘i hope everything is okay?’ he asked
himself alarmed.
He dialled it once more and when it
didnt go through, he picked his car keys
and drove away to check up on Alice.
That was how much he cared for her.
To be cont

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