A second chance episode 57

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Nneka sat in the middle of the circle she
drew with a white chalk in her room.
She wore her normal red flowing gown
with white chalk drawn on her face. On
her left shoulder was the drawing of a
In front of her was a small earthen pot
emitting black thick smoke.
She started incantating, invoking the
kings and servant of serpents. Before
long, her room was filled with various
types of snakes, different shapes and
One snake, the biggest and longest
amongst them crawled to where Nneka
was and licked her left toes. Other
snakes did same, they were paying their
The first snake to lick her toe vomited a
small mirror. She took it and spat on it.
Then she saw them, Tony and Alice
kissing like they was no tomorrow. She
laughed wickedly and showed the
mirror to the snakes. They hissed in
She sprinkled black substances on the
mirror. Then she disappeared and the
snakes followed. Soon the room was
back to normal again, everything both
the line she drew disappeared.
Alice stood up and went to the kitchen
for a glass of water to calm her nerves.
Why was she feeling like going to bed
with Tony suddenly? There was this
feeling in her and she realised how
much she had been s-x starved. But not
now. She wasnt even sure if he loved
her or not and she didnt want to just be
a bed servant.
Right from the first time she saw him at
Diamond Castle, she always wanted to
be with him in bed but today, the
feeling was intense.
She was still deep in thoughts when
Tony came from behind, held her by the
waist, turned her over and kissed her
forcefully. The cup fell from her hands.
Tony’s hands cupped her left b—m and
she let out a moan. Tony raised her
gown up. He didnt know how he was
feeling but he just couldnt control
He turned her over and she placed her
hands on the kitchen sink. He brought
her panties down, unhooked his belt,
brought down his trouser and boxer
To be continued..

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