A second chance episode 63

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‘good morning sir’ Alice said and stood
up from the table as she saw Tony
approaching. It was done by all staffs in
the company.
Tony almost burst into a laughter but he
controlled himself. Instead he said,
‘see me in my office’ he said and left.
Alice smiled then followed him into the
office. Immediately she closed the door,
he started laughing hard.
‘why did you send for me sir?’ she
asked in a polite and formal tone.
‘quit the formality jor! Behaving like a
good girl’ Tony said amidst laughter.
Alice pretended like she didnt know
what he was talking about.
‘sorry sir, i was just asking what you
wanted to see me for?’ Alice asked.
Tony moved closer and hugged her.
‘goodluck on your first day at work’ he
said and released her.
‘na so your mates take dey welcome
new staffs abi?’ Alice asked playfully in
Tony laughed
‘you dont look bad at all dear’ Tony
‘thanks for the compliments. So, if we
are done, i will like to go back to work, i
have lots of things to do’ Alice said and
Tony laughed.
‘dont forget Alice that i’m the boss here,
i can choose to tell you not to work
today but you still get your pay’ Tony
Alice sat opposite him.
‘and i will be so glad’ she said.
‘that shows how lazy you are!’ Tony
Alice laughed.
‘lets have lunch together then’ Tony
‘when is lunch?’ Alice asked.
‘rush over to your department then’
Tony said.
Alice smiled and left.
Tony smiled. Such a cool girl.
‘excuse me, i’m looking for Tony Brown’
Alice raised her head up and saw the
lady. She recognised her face.
‘and you are?’
‘Stella Lawrence’ said Stella.
‘okay, the office by your left’ Alice said
sadly. But she masked it well.
‘thanks’ Stella said and left.
Alice couldnt concentrate any longer on
her work. She kept wondering what
was happening inside there.
In less than ten minutes Tony came out
looking very angry. Stella was at his
Alice stood up on seeing him.
‘Alice, i dont want to ever see this lady in
this premises again. Dont let her into my
office again!’ Tony barked and went
back into his office.
Alice was happy.
To be continued

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