A second chance episode 66

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‘what do you mean by you did it with
him in the kitchen? And who is this guy
for crying out loud?’ Amy said.
‘shhhh, reduce your voice. I do not want
anyone to hear us’ Alice said.
‘okay, tell me, who is this guy?’ Amy
‘i dont see how that is important to you
oo Amy’ Alice said.
‘but why the kitchen?’ Amy asked.
‘does it really matter where it
happened? What matters is that we did
it!’ Alice said and sighed.
‘but Alice why? Why did you choose to
disrespect your parents in that manner.
How bad of you!’ Amy said.
‘but they werent at home when it
happened now? They were out for
crying out loud! Abeg free me that
matter jor!’ Alice said.
Amy regarded her for a while.
‘this is not the Alice that i used to know.
Where did you get this your carefree
attitude to life from huh?’ Amy asked.
Alice looked at her toes.
‘i just moved on dearie. I just did, how is
that even a problem right now?’ Alice
said calmly.
‘what is wrong with you Alice? What
has come over you for christ’s sake!!!’
Amy nearly screamed.
‘put your voice down please!’
‘i wont, not until you tell me what has
come over you’ Amy said.
Alice had had enough.
‘what is your business? Is it your
kitchen i used? Is it your brother that i
did it with? Or is it your p—y? Please let
me be!’ Alice said.
Amy shook her head.
‘that guy is really dealing with you
upstairs Alice’
‘eh, i dont care. I love him and thats
what matters’ Alice said.
‘you what?!’ Amy asked surprised.
‘i love him’
After several days of being at home,
weeping her eyes out, Stella decided to
get over Tony for a moment, to give
some time to calm down before going
back to him.
She decided to do some shopping first.
She went to the kitchen and found out
that she lacked foodstuffs so she
decided to go to the grocery.
She was still picking the things she
needed when she heard a familiar voice
call her.
‘Stella! Is this you?’
She turned.
‘Gilbert! You?’
To be cont.
How did they know each other and how
are they even related?
Find out in the next episode

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