A second chance episode 73

A second chance episode 73

February 21, 2017 A second chance, Uncategorized
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The spoon fell off her hand. She looked
like someone seeing a ghost. Why wont
she? Perhaps she was dreaming right?
Because this cant possibly be real. Maria
couldnt possibly be awake right.
Then the clothes…..the clothes she was
holding. Those clothes, then the marks
on her shoulders….there were no more.
She nearly screamed.
‘Maria! Are….are…you awake….i
mean….ho…how…is th..ath even possi…
ble?’ Nneka found herself stammering.
‘grandma, wierd things has been
happening to me lately in this house. I
feel a strange being around this house.
I dont know’ Maria said sitting next to
Nneka who clearly shifted a little.
‘me…meaning?’ Nneka asked.
‘i woke up to find these clothes on my
bed. They actually belongs to me and
daddy, what was it doing there?’ Maria
said and shook her head.
‘no..no. Something is wrong
somewhere. Tell me something Maria,
did something happen when you woke
up?’ Nneka asked.
Maria shook her head.
‘yeah. Alot of wierd things happened. I
even got warned by mother in my
dream. She healed my wound and
returned this clothings. How funny, how
did she even get it?’ Maria asked.
Nneka stood up furiously and banged
her hands on the table.
‘Naomi!’ she screamed to Maria’s shock.
To be continued


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