A second chance episode 74

A second chance episode 74

February 22, 2017 A second chance, Uncategorized
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Tony pulled up in front of Alice’s family
‘take good care of yourself’ Tony said.
Alice looked away without saying a
‘come on dearie, your mum will be just
fine’ Tony said.
‘take me back to the hospital please’
Alice said.
‘no way! You heard your father say i
should drop you off. I’m sorry dear, just
stay at home, you really need some rest
okay?’ Tony said and pecked her.
‘i wonder what happened to her. Why
did she just slump suddenly. And why id
the doctor saying that nothing is wrong
with her, i just dont get it!’ Alice said
and sighed in fustration.
‘you never can tell what really happened
dear but the doctor said she will be fine
and your father is there with her, so
dont worry. Maybe first thing tomorrow
morning, you should visit her and also
remember to call your dad from time to
time to check her condition’ Tony said.
Alice sighed.
‘but why did daddy choose to stay with
her an told me to go, dont you think
they are keeping a secret from me?’
Alice said and shook her head.
‘Alice, you worry alot. I believe the
reason your father told you to go home
was because of Felix. He’s a kid
remember so you have to stay with him.
Afterall the case isnt that serious. Is it?’
Tony said.
‘shhhh, Alice, you are just giving yourself
headache for nothing. Dont worry
about anything’
‘i dont know why i feel uneasy. It feels
like something bad is going to happen
to mummy and i dont want to lose her, i
dont want to lose her at all’
‘what makes you think that something
bad is going to happen to your
‘the feeling. Its just isnt right’
‘okay, i’ve heard you. Go inside and pray.
I’m so tired so i need to go home and
get some rest’ Tony said and yawned
Alice shrugged.
‘okay bye. Thanks for everything’ she
said and alighted bading him goodbye.
She shook her head.
‘no way! Something just isnt right. I
have to go back to the hospital’ she said
to her self and with that she flagged a
‘take to St. Joseph clinic’ she said to the
Tears flowed freely from his eyes and he
stared at his wife lying on the hospital
bed. He cried for what he was about to
do, something that he didnt want to do.
Something he would have never done.
He reached for her hand as she slept.
‘i’m sorry Kofo, i never meant to but i
have to. I hope you can forgive me, i
love you’ Fred said in tears.
With that, he brought out a razor from
his chest pocket, brought out a small
earthen pot from his briefcase and
moved closer to her.
He was shivering as he handled the
razor, he couldnt help it. Was he to kill
his beloved wife? He had no choice. He
had to obey Queen Lateefa before he
loses both Kofo and Alice.
He reached for her arm and shivered.
Tears dropped from his eyes as he
brought the razor closer.
‘i’m sorry Kofo, i really am, please forgive
Alice was shivering in the cab. The
feeling wasnt right, something was
wrong somewhere.
‘driver, please be fast!’ she screamed.
The driver increased his speed.
Suddenly Alice broke into a cry. What
was wrong? She couldnt tell.
The cab pulled up in front of the
hospital then she alighted, paid the cab
man and entered the building…..
To be continued


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