A second chance episode 87

A second chance episode 87

February 28, 2017 A second chance
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Nneka was very shocked to hear from
Tony that Fred was dead. She couldnt
believe her ears until she confronted
Queen Lateefa. She had told Nneka the
reason Fred died.
‘he tried running faster than his
shadow. He thinks he is smart’ Queen
Lateefa said.
‘you killed him?’
‘he killed himself. Trying to leave Kuvudu
is the same as trying to commit suicide’
Queen Lateefa said heartlessly.
Nneka heaved a sigh.
‘Fred shouldnt have died’
‘are you questioning my actions Nneka?’
‘no, no. I’m just saying’
Queen Lateefa disappeared.
‘oh my God! Fred’ Nneka said as she sat
on her bed.
When Maria called Gilbert to inform him
about the death of Fred, he said he
knew already.
‘uncle what of Abby? I’ve been trying to
reach her but she isnt picking her calls.
Can you please pass the phone to her
for me, please?’ Maria requested.
‘uhm, i dont think thats a good idea. I
do not want Abby to know that we are
relating but i will try to ask her about
you so probably she would remember
and call you’ Gilbert said.
‘okay, thanks’ Maria said and hung up,
Abby entered the sitting room with a
glass of water which she gave to Gilbert.
‘thanks’ he said.
She sat on a sofa and directed her
attention to the television set.
‘eh, Abby, what of your best friend,
Maria?’ he asked.
‘oh, she is fine’
‘have you heard from her recently?’
‘uhm, nope’
‘i just dont want to associate with Maria
‘because i feel….i feel somehow
whenever i’m with her or in her house’
‘i dont understand’
‘there’s something spiritual happening
in her house. Anytime i’m there,
something wierd always happens’
This time, Gilbert’s curiousity increased.
‘as in?’ he asked.
Abby went ahead and told him
everything concerning the wierd voices
and the wierd breeze.
‘i dont know but i think something
diabolical is happening there’ Abby said.
‘are you sure of everything you just told
me now?’ Gilbert asked.
‘yes uncle. I’m sure’
‘if thats so then dont go over to their
house again. If possible, quit that
friendship’ Gilbert said.
‘yes uncle, thats what i will do. See, she’s
been calling since but i’ve not picked
her calls. I’m even going to delete her
number sef’ Abby said.
‘please do’ Gilbert said.
(After the funeral)
‘so what next?’ Tony asked.
Alice shrugged ‘nothing else. Just to try
and move on and resume my work’ she
‘thats good. Take good care of yourself
and your mother alright?’
‘okay. I think i even need to sought out
some things. There’s a room dad never
allowed us to go into. I need to clear it
up since he’s no more’ she said.
To be continued


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