A second chance episode 9

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# A Second Chance_EPISODE9
Naomi?’ Kenneth asked ‘but Naomi is
‘you are a liar Kenneth. Naomi is here.
Bring Naomi or i will……..’ he coughed.
‘kill……you’ Tony stammered.
Kenneth laughed ‘Tony, this isnt the way
you should be behaving, are you stupid?
Its a good thing you called me here
when you were still sober, lets go. Your
daughter is calling you’
‘my daughter? Do i have a daughter? Oh
yes Maria. Is it Maria or Rhoda? Who is
Rhoda?’ Tony asked as he snatched the
drink from Kenneth’s grip.
Kenneth couldnt stop laughing.
‘seriously Tony, you are behaving like
a……….’ Tony’s phone rang again and
Tony jumped for joy.
‘Naomi is calling me, lets go Ken. Naomi
is waiting for me, she must have
prepared my favourite, lets go’ he said
as he staggered then he sat down
again, the smile on his face gone.
‘its true, she is dead. She will never
come back again.’ he added and he
started crying like a baby.
‘Tony darling.’ Naomi said gently
tapping Tony on the shoulder.
‘yes my love’ Tony said as he stood up
trying to hug her but surprisingly, she
stopped him.
‘no Tony you cant come now. Tony
please stop being miserable, please take
good care of yourself. You deserve to be
happy’ Naomi said looking pitiful.
‘oh Naomi. I’m sorry i got drunk alright’
‘just be a good father to my daughter, i
love you’ she said as she turned to leave.
‘where are you going?’ he asked
‘to see my daughter’ she said and her
voice echoed.
His head began to ache and he woke up
and realised it was all a dream. He
looked around and he knew he was in
his room.
He soon realised that Naomi was not
happy with his drinking. He tried to
remember how he got home but he
couldnt. Maybe Kenneth brought him
home. He looked around the room and
saw Naomi’s beautiful face in a portrait.
He smiled back at the picture. His door
swung open immediately.
To be continued.

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