A second chance episode 94

A second chance episode 94

March 3, 2017 A second chance
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Maria was very angry, how dare Abby
call her a possessed, a cursed….God! She
remembered Abby, who she used to
buy stuffs for, give her gifts, share
things with her, took her like a sister
and now what was she saying? That
she is possessed and cursed?
Her phone rang interrupting her
thoughts and checking the caller, it was
‘Hello’ she answered coldly.
‘Maria, i am so sorry about every
rubbish Abby said to you today, believe
me’ Gilbert said immediately.
‘look uncle, your so called stupid niece
insulted me to my face today and she
should be the one apologising not
‘i am so sorry, looke lets settle things
later but as for now, i really need your
help!’ Gilbert said.
‘never! Since your niece had the guts to
insult me, then consider whatever
connection between us over!!’
‘look Maria, we could talk over
things…….’ TUM TUM. The line went
dead. Gilbert cursed under his breath.
He nearly smashed his phone in the
ground but then an idea cropped into
his head.
He sat down and crossed his legs on the
sofa. Somehow what he was about to
do was far better than involving Anabel
in the first place.
‘it will be hard starting a friendship
between them, nope, it will take time
and time is what i dont have right now.
So why not i use a real friend of hers?’
he said and smiled wickedly.
He stood up, went to his room, reached
for a black box under his bed, took the
keys from the drawer and opened it,
brought out a fully loaded pistol, kissed
the butt and laughed wickedly.
He tucked it on his belt, used the shirt to
cover it, pushed back the box under the
bed, left his room for the garage, and
drove out of the house.
‘what passcode Alice?’ Kofo asked
’33……10 and….’
‘i dont understand’ Kofo interrupted.
‘ma, i think she should just try it. Even
though i find this ridiculous as well, let
her prove it!’ Angela said. Kofo sighed
and gave Alice a calm but dangerous
She picked the suitcase and handed it to
‘i’ve always known you to be a psycho
but i want you to prove yourself, here’
she said handing the suitcase to Alice
who took it with shaky hands.


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