A second chance episode 98

A second chance episode 98

March 4, 2017 A second chance
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‘you know i love Alice’ Gilbert began.
‘its no news that its mere infatuation’
Amy chipped in. Gilbert felt a tinge of
anger but didnt show it.
‘well, thats your business. I’m in love
with Alice and thats it’ Gilbert said.
Amy scoffed ‘so what do you want me
to do? Did you come here to profess
your love for Alice?’
‘not really’
‘then what?!’ Amy asked with
‘Amy, you are engaged so you probably
know what it means to love and be
loved in return’ Gilbert said.
‘it seems you are here for lectures. Arent
you Gilbert?’ Amy asked.
Gilbert felt angry within. He felt like
smacking her.
‘Amy, will you just keep quiet and let me
talk? Stop being so shameless!!’
Amy stood up with full force.
‘i beg your pardon! Are you here to
insult me or what?! Between you and i
who is the shameless one here? Look,
i’ve heard enough, just get the hell out
of my house before i do something you
alone will regret!!’ Amy fired.
Gilbert grinned from ear to ear.
‘Amy, calm down, you are even being
more shameless than i thought’
‘WHAT?!’ Amy really didnt know when
her right hand landed mightily on his
left cheek.
Geez! Gilbert froze for seconds before
shooting Amy a deadly look.
‘b—h!’ he cursed, stood up, dragged
Amy to the sofa and landed hot blows
all over her face, yanking off her clothes
at the same time.
‘Jesus! Gilbert stop!’ Amy screamed on
top of her voice.
‘somebody help me please!!’ she
‘help is so far baby!’ Gilbert said as he
drew down her skirt until it rested on
her knees, then he stopped and
laughed. Amy’s face bled, blood flowed
from her mouth and nose.
‘now what do you think i will do to you
Amy? You are right here, without
clothes just undies front of me, what do
you think stops me from having my way
with you huh?’ Gilbert asked with an evil
‘ple…..ase. Please….dont do this, you
know i’m engaged. Please dont do thid
to me please, i will d whatever you want
but dont….touch me please’ Amy
pleaded as tears flowed from her eyes.
Gilbert laughed and brought out his
gun. Amy quickly froze at the sight of it.
Never had she seen a real gun in her life
except in movies.
‘My God!!’ she exclaimed and Gilbert
‘i never planned to go hard on you but
what can i do? You wanted to prove
stubborn, replica of Alice. You both
know how to provoke someone to do
his worst!! Right now, i’m gonna screw
you, and then kill you and the f—–g
gateman who alone knows i’m here,
what stops me?!’ Gilbert said wickedly.
Amy cried the more ‘i’m really sorry
Gilbert, please have mercy on me. I was
stupid i know but please dont kill me,
forgive my stupidity please!!’
‘at least you know you were stupid to
have raised your hands on me. I would
have loved to spare you but mehn! You
really have a seductive body and i cant
seem to get my eyes off it, i just need a
taste, then i kill you and you meet with
your creator!!! In hell’ he said and
Amy felt like dying. She wished she
never left her fiance’s house that day.
She wished she never let Gilbert in, she
wished she never raised her hands on
‘look Gilbert,’ she said obviously shaken
‘just what do you want me to do? I will
do anything but….but….spare me, will
you? Huh? I can convince Alice to give
you a chance, i can convince Alice to
marry you, i can equally take you to a
babalawo who will give you a love
charm to give to Alice. I will do anything,
but…..you’ve got to spare my life
alright?’ Amy asked suddenly gaining
her confidence back.
‘really? You mean you can do all that for
me?’ Gilbert asked lowering his gun.
Amy saw this and smiled. She stood up
and stylishly raised her skirt up.
‘yes, i would but i cant possibly do that
if you kill me, can you?’ Amy asked
licking her lips and smiling, her tears
had dried up.
‘hmm, how tempting’ Gilbert said giving
Amy hope ‘but i’m not a stupid guy’ he
pointed his gun at Amy again shattering
her hopes.
‘put the gun down Gilbert, if you do,
then i have a plan’ Amy said trying to
force a smile.
‘what plan do you have?!’
‘i won speak with a gun pointing at me
you know?’ she said.
‘stop being sarcastic or trying to be
okay? If you dont want me to sleep with
you this moment, then just speak’ he
said desperately.
Amy smiled and moved closer and
Gilbert corked the gun.
‘if you move any closer then i swear, you
wont live to tell the story okay?’ Gilbert
Amy moved closer and picked her
phone from the glass table.
‘what are you trying to do? Trying to call
the police huh? Its too bad because they
will only meet your corpse and that of
your potbellied gateman!!’ he said.
Amy dialled Alice’s number and showed
it to him.
‘wh….what are you trying to do?’ Gilbert
To be continued


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