A second chance season 2 episode 19

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Tony drove home at a slow pace. He
needed rest and sleep, he hadnt been
able to get any of them since Maria got
admitted in the hospital. Even though it
was just two days ago, he was
emanciating and he knew it.
He was grateful to Alice for staying with
him in the hospital all through the night.
She was his source of comfort and
encouragement. She was an angel. And
he began to wonder if she was truly
what he thought she was.
Maybe it was all a setup by Gilbert to
destroy their relationship?
But then he shook away that thought,
there was no way it had been Gilbert’s
plan and she had clunged to him like
butter clunged to bread, and kissed him
so passionately, they could be mistaken
for married couples.
But then, maybe….maybe something
was wrong somewhere. He
remembered she hadnt spoken
anything when Gilbert spoke all the
nonsense he had in his mouth that day.
And he also remembered the what-the-
hell-are-you-saying kind of look she
gave Gibert when he said that the baby
was his.
Maybe, the guy was trying to set her up.
Then the thought vanished and was
replaced by the thought of the guy
trying to be honest and tired of the hide
and seek game they were both playing
with him and his money, and wanted to
come out clean. To end everything and
then Alice didnt want it. She wanted to
play the game to the very end.
He nodded as he blasted his horn front
of the gate. That thought seemed
plausible to him. Because there was no
way someone will lie against you in
your presence without reacting or
trying to defend yourself.
There was no other explanation to the
story rather than that. No wonder Alice
had told him that there was no truth to
be told. Of course no truth to be told.
The gate opened and he drove in slowly.
But why did Alice come to the hospital
when he and her were clearly not in
good terms. She and Maria were not in
good terms as well so……it just didnt
add up. Why would she come?
Had she-in the course of her game-
fallen for him? No! That wasnt possible.
He told himself that because he loved
her, he wanted her to love him back.
‘to love someone doesnt mean getting
love in return’
He wondered who had said it, the
saying sounded familiar. Who said it?
Ah! Nneka his mother-in……no! She
wasnt his mother in law anymore.
That witch! Who on earth could have
thought that his wonderful, caring and
understanding mother in law was a
witch. A witch capable of killing her
own daughter and attempted killing her
own grandchild! Her only grandchild for
that matter! Na wa oo. He had never
heard of that before. Witches killed
other people and protected their own
but his mother in law’s case was…..was
Oh Naomi! Heaven and hell knows that
if not that Maria had held him firmly that
night, he would have strangled Nneka
to death when she confessed that she
killed his beloved wife!
When Naomi had died at first, he
thought he would never find love again.
That he would never find any lady that
will love him the way Naomi loved him.
And alas, he was right.
Alice never loved him. He was the one
doing all the loving, how bad could
things get? With a sigh, he came down
from the car and went inside.
Determination is the key for overcoming
obstacles. He remembered these words
said by his bible teacher way back in
secondary school.
Somehow, those words had gone and
planted itself somehow in his brain. And
now, he was determined than ever to
For Abby’s sake.
Or maybe he was just using her as an
excuse. Even him didnt know the
answer to that himself.
Then an idea came to him, he picked his
gun, opened the door, though he didnt
come out. And started shooting
towards the people running towards
his car.
They were very close now and he was
sure they were seeing his face.
Everyone ran helter skelter, running
back to where they were running from,
especially when a bullet touched a
pregnany woman who was just walking
on her own, oblivious of what was
happening around. When she realised,
before she could turn back, a bullet
touched her and she died on the spot.
By the time he exhausted his bullets, no
one was in sight. He sighed in relief.
Then made the sign of a cross, then
started the car again and it miraculously
worked this time around.
‘what a testimony!’ he said with a short
laughter as he drove with full speed
raisng dust behind him.

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