A second chance season 2 episode 27

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‘thats not true!’ Tony fired standing up
‘you all should stop lying against Alice, if
you all have a problem, please sort it
one way or the other, please dont lie
against her. Alice is innocent. I feel it in
my guts’
‘please mr Brown, lets hear the other
speak’ the ASP said.
Tony quietly sat down.
‘okay, Rhoda. You are Tony’s househelp
right?’ the ASP asked.
‘yes sir,’ Rhoda replied shyly.
‘okay, say what you saw or heard’ the
ASP said.
‘i….i…i went into the kitchen one day
and….and i saw Alice putting a powdery
substance to what Maria dropped on
top of the freeze, probably to get
something from her room. It was a cup
of juice. Immediately i caught her, she
threw the juice away in the sink, lying
thata housefly entered the drink. That
was one. And then another way, i
overheard her making a call, she was
saying that someone, the person she
was talking to actually, picked up the
wrong guys for the job and they should
make sure that they are killed in prison’
Rhoda said.
Tony raised a brow. He heard that those
assasins were killed in prison by a
mysterious man ‘was it a male or female
she was talking to?’
‘from what i was able to deduce, she
was talking to a male’ Rhoda said.
Tears came down from Tony’s eyes.
Gawd! This cant be true, never!
‘lets hear you’ the ASP said referring to
‘i…am the maid in the family house of
Alice. I’ve worked there for over ten
years now and Alice is my closest friend.
I know her in and out, she is very
dangerous though nice. She hates
something getting in the way of her
plans, she wanted to marry Tony and
milk him dry so….,’ she winced in pain,
pains for lying against a friend ‘Maria
was in the way of her plans. She came
to me for advice one day and i begged
her to leave Tony if she didnt love him
but she refused. Then she told me she
was going to kill Maria. She came to me
one afternoon asking for the poisonous
powerdery substance that she wanted
to put in her drink. Then she told me
that the househelp accidently caught
her and she had to plan again. The she
said, she wanted it clean so she
arranged for assasins to be sent to
Tony’s house, and she decided to spend
the night there as well and have the
guys rape her so her hands could be
clean’ she paused.
Tony swallowed. Then he remembered,
Alice never spent the night in his house
but on the particular night she decided
to spend the night in his house was the
time assasins came to the house.
‘but again, it failed. So last week, we
were going to the market, when we
saw a car pass, and she said it was
Maria inside,’ she started sobbing ‘then
she told the cab to follow the…the car.
And once the car pulled up in front of
building, in a lonely street, she came
down and approached Maria, i really
didnt know what they were saying,
but…..but…..she shot Maria there and
then, and we took to our heels. I was
shattered, i couldnt watch a teenage
young and ignorant girl die, so out of
the kindness of my heart, i contacted my
boyfriend and told him everything, so
he went to the place where she shot
Maria, and took the body to an
uncompleted building near your house,
then i stole your private number from
her phone and sent it to him. That was
how he was able to send you that text
Tony burst into uncontrollable tears, he
didnt want to believe anything they
said, but they were all linked somehow.
Moreover why would five people want
to lie against her? Why? There was no
reason whatsoever.
Alice wanted to kill Maria. Then
something crossed his mind, he looked
up at Angela.
‘the assasins who shot Maria on her
birthday, who sent it?’ he asked.
Angela looked at Gilbert enquiringly,
then nodded ‘it was Alice’
Without warning, Tony marched
towards her and gave her a heavy slap
that sent her sprawling to the floor.
‘dont you dare lie against Alice again. I
love her and there’s nothing on earth
that can make me doubt her. Unless, she
admits that she committed all these
crimes herself. I swear to you all here,
one more lie from any of you and i will
you have you guys jailed for life!’ Tony
warned sternly.
‘do you love her that much?’ Gilbert
‘yes, i love her that much and more. And
i trust her with my life!’ he stormed out
of the office angrily.

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