A  second chance season 2 episode 38

A second chance season 2 episode 38

May 15, 2017 A Second chance season 2
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Episode 38.
Ximena heard Tony come inside and she immediately came out of her room.
‘Tony’ she called.
Tony went to his room without sparing her a glance. Ximena cursed inwardly and followed him before he banged the door.
‘Tony, i want to talk to you’ she said.
‘i’m not in the mood to talk’ Tony said as he sat on the bed.
‘what do you mean you are not in the mood to talk? Are you going to let your psycho of a daughter harass me in this house?’
‘first, my daughter is not a psycho and secondly, this is her house, and she can choose to harass anyone she wants. If you are not comfortable with the harassment, just tell me. I will get you a flight ticket to Mexico right away’ Tony said taking off his shoes.
Ximena couldnt believe her ears, was this what Tony was saying? He was indirectly saying she was a burden now, jeez! That was painful.
Her eyes burned with tears but she managed to control it. Then she moved and placed her hand on his lap
‘am i a burden to you Tony?’ she asked.
‘no, but you are a burden to my daughter’
‘your daughter stabbed me with a bottle’
‘whatever!’ he said rolling his eyes.
‘is that all you have to say? Is that how you discipline your daughter?’
Tony sat up and pushed her hand away from his lap ‘if my daughter hates you, then you are a bad person. My daughter hated Alice, she insulted Alice at every little opportunity and i always stood up for Alice, it came to a point i slapped Maria twice. But Alice turned out to be a muderer after all, so there’s no way i’m going to hit or scold my daughter because of a woman again. Alice’s case taught me a lesson’
Ximena blinked twice, then stood up furiously ‘am i Alice? Do i look like a murderer to you?’
‘Ximena, please give me some space, i dont need you bugging me, i came home to rest, just leave my room before i say it in an insultive way i beg of you!’
Ximena eyed him angrily and left the room, banging the door heavily behind her.
‘psycho!’ Tony sighed as he took off his socks and suit jacket. His left palm was hurting. And he wondered, if he who delivered the slap was hurting, what of the person who recieved the slap.
He regretted slapping Alice, he didnt touch women, no matter how aggressive the woman may be, he never raised his hands on her.
But, there was a force to just slap her, because he felt hurt within. When she rained all those insuts on him, his chest had been pounding furiously and he didnt know when he slapped her.
He took off the remaining of his clothes and stepped into the shower for a cool bath.
Alice was aggresive too, he never knew that, she had attacked him almost the same time she recieved the slap.
He had thought she would cry but he was wrong, the way she grabbed his shirt and gave him two slaps was shocking. She almost tore his shirt. And when Ekait had come to his rescue, she had bitten Ekaite’s ear so hard she was bleeding.
After that, he had had a long talk with the DPO and they contemplated sending her to a psychiatric home, she was obviously losing her mind gradually, attacking everyone she sees.
She had even fought two of her fellow inmates and had seriously injured one thereby landing her in a clinic.
With tear filled eyes, Maria picked up her clothes one by one and put it on, she was pained between her legs and dizzy as well.
Gilbert just sat and watched her with a sly grin.
As she put on her cotton panties and lacy bra, she shot him a hateful glance and he almost laughed. Then he stood up and grabbed her top from her.
‘look babe, even if you hate me from now to the end of the world, what has been done has been done. You have lost it and the only thing you can do now is just be calm and come here always to have more dose of it. Dont tell me you didnt enjoy one bit of it, even if its the kisses and caresses’ he reached to cup her left brea.st in his hand and she angrily pushed his hands away and he laughed.
‘sweetheart, you were so sweet’ he said.
Her cries intensified ‘you deflowered me’
‘and i enjoyed every bit of it my darling’
‘i will never forgive you, i will report you to my dad’ Maria said.
He laughed ‘after he must have found out you are pregnant. You might be pregnant darling, we had unprotected s.ex and i released inside of you’
Maria raised a brow at that, then she clenched her fist, she looked at the knife on top of the table with some oranges and felt tempted.
She bent slowly and took the knife and just when Gilbert wanted to collect the knife from her, she…….
To be continued.


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