A second chance season 2 episode 8

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Alice thought she might just slump and
die. She thought Tony loved her. He was
willing to marry her and he was very
happy when he found out she was
Because of her, he was willing to send
his beloved daughter abroad just so
they could have breathing space.
He even ignored his daughter’s desires
because of her this was proof that he
was crazily in love with her. And even
when they made love, she could feel the
passion emanating from him. He loved,
or so she thought.
But she was wrong.
Maria just said Tony called her a
materialistic b—h, nothing hurt her
most than being called that she was
hurt. She never thought that Tony could
think of her as such.
She loved him, not for his money but for
who he was. He was a handsome,
caring, gentle and loving man, she
adored him very much.
The thought of going home to her very
harsh mother disturbed her. She didnt
want to go home. But she had nowhere
else to go to. She couldnt go to Tony’s
house, no never! She didnt want
anything to do with him again she
hated him now he was nothing but a
selfish b—–d, only thinking of the thing
he had between his legs.
He was lonely and only wanted a bed
Gosh! Maria’s words were hurting her
more. She wanted to doubt Maria, she
wanted to deny that Tony would never
ever say such a thing or call her names
for he loved her. But the certainty in
Maria’s eyes as she said it could not be
overlooked. Maybe she didnt really make
a mistake for breaking up with him in
the first place. Maybe it wasnt a
foolhardy thing to do. For it made her
realise that Tony never really loved her.
She was the only one doing the loving
and it hurt so badly so badly, she
wanted to commit suicide but for her
son and her unborn baby.
Forgetting she was walking down the
street, she broke into uncontrollable
tears the tears were pouring down like
rain. It was so embarrasing! People
were regarding her as a lunatic. But she
couldnt care less, the hurt in her heart
was tearing her body and soul apart.
Getting home, her tears increased
because she knew what she was going
to pass through in there. It wasnt as if
she was a teenager who got pregnant
for a randy he goat, but she was scared.
Scared of her mother.
‘young lady, where are you coming from
crying like that?’ Kofo asked immediately
she stepped into the sitting.
‘i’m coming from a friend’s house’
‘male or female?’
‘i dont see that as any of your business’
‘sure! Thats the reason you go about
getting pregnant for anyone that smiles
at you. You have an illegitimate son oo
and instead of thinking of how to turn
him into a legitimate child, you went to
sleep with another man, somebody’s
father and you got pregnant again and
now he has dumbed your sorry a-s. I
dont blame him, who would want to
marry a woman who throws herself at
every man. I dont know why you just
cant close your legs till you say i do. That
happened with Benjamin as well, you
couldnt even wait for you wedding to
come before you started making love to
him. Idiot! Thats how you go about,
sleeping with worthless men, and then
you come back here crying, expecting
me to pity you, i will not pity you! Never!
Only God knows that i love you i love
you with all my heart but i will never
tolerate a w—e as a daughter! I will
never i am so ashamed of you’
‘look Collins, i dont give a f–k about
being caught what i want is for Tony to
die. I want him dead and Alice too’
Gilbert said over the phone.
‘….look Collins, the fact that Tony didnt
die when we sent assasins to his house
doesnt mean he wont die if we try
‘……dont be a coward like seriously
Collins. Lets kill him, he stole my woman
away from me’
‘…….Maria? I will kill her too because
once her father dies, she would be
useless to me’
‘……yes, i must kill her infact i want to kill
both father and daughter personally’
‘i…..’ Gilbert was startled at the sound of
what seemed like a purse drop to the
He turned towards the door and froze.

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