Ada episode 14

Ada episode 14

May 28, 2017 Ada
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2 days later.
I was in my living room, standing by my bed, folding my clothes, when my phone rang. I picked it up to see it was a number I didn’t recognize. Slashing my forefinger across the screen, I answered it. Placed it to my ear and listened.
“Ada”!!!!! Said Fola excitedly.
My eyes dropped out of its sockets my mouth fell down to my feet and I screamed so loud, I swear my room shook with the force of it.
“Oh my God Fola” I yelled, screaming and jumping like an idiot.
“How are you?” “How’s the honeymoon?” “Oh my God how’s your husband”
“Good Ada we are perfect” replied Fola excitedly.
“And how are you, how’s the house, and Nancy, Becky, Stephen, Bello……Gibson?” she said Gibson’s name with caution, knowing the friction between us.
“Everyone is fine oh” as I said that, the event of the day before flashed into my mind and my happy mood was immediately terminated. But I refused to let it show in my voice, deciding to forget about it and instead concentrate on Fola.
I spoke to Ada like I had all the time in world, we spoke for like an hour but we had to get off the line because Michael was already back. And they were about to head out to have dinner in an exquisite restaurant.
It’s so amazing. with all that Fola went through, who would have thought that she’ll be married to a rich, young, good, amazing, Christian guy, who loves and fears God but also loves her too unconditionally, and will be in Dubai on their honeymoon, going out to have dinner.
She will never have to suffer again for the rest of life, I mean she is settled.
It’s amazing.
I looked to the door at the sound of my name being called, to see Stephen, he walked in when I looked at him.
He was holding a package in his hand.
“Yes Stephen, what’s up?” then my eyes went to his hand holding the package. “What’s in the package?”
“Well I’m not sure, it’s addressed to you” he replied
He nodded his head.
“Who brought it?”
He shrugged saying “the security man just came to give it to me, said he heard someone knock at the gate. When he opened the gate to see who it was, there was no one there, except the package. So he picked it up and brought it to the house and since he saw me first, he gave the package to me.
“Ok, bring it over here” he walked to me, handing me the package. It was wrapped in a blue wrap sheet with my name and address written on it. Immediately, I tore into it, exposing what was inside. At the sight of it, the package fell from my hands with a slight scream spewing out of my mouth.
Stephen was surprised by my reaction, but he didn’t try to leave or anything, instead, he bent down and picked up the package.
It was a small black box, inside the box was a picture of me standing, it was an old picture, a picture I took when my parents were still alive, I had on a bright smile and I was giving my mum one of my best poses.
But inside that picture I was not alone. The head of my kidnapper was glued close to my own head, making it look like we took the picture together.
Oh my god this guy is crazy.


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