ADa episode 17

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“What’s up? Anything?” I asked James head of security. We were at the back of the house by the pool and I was watching Stephen teach Nancy how to swim.
“No sir, nothing, we’ve questioned everyone staying close to where the guy lived in Ajegunle, but no one knows where he is”
“Well at least we know his name”, I told myself.
“Kingsley Jegede” what type of name is Kingsley Jegede anyway? I shook my head thinking, parents can so give their kids horrible, terrible names. I won’t be surprised if it’s his name that made him who he is today.
“Sir, what’s our next step of action” asked James.
I kept watching the kids swim, noticing that Nancy is a fast learner.
“Well James, we keep watch, we stay alert” from my peripheral view I saw James nod his head, confirming what I said, then I continued, “take up the level of security, we should never be too careful” I finished. James gave me a sharp nod, turned around and walked into the house.
I walked over to where the kids were currently coming out from the pool, done with their swimming, I was thinking of how I’ll tell them the level of security we are in now.
Nancy had walked up to the pool chaise lounge where her towel was draped on, she picked it up then tied the towel around her from underneath her arm pit, she turned around to see me coming towards. With a big smile on her face, she gave a big, dorkish, cute wave and yelled, “hi, Gibson!”
“Hi Nancy, you good?’
“hmm hm” was her reply, still smiling.
Stephen had a towel around his waist, he was more cool than Nancy, he said, “hi Gibbs”
“Hi Steve, how was the swimming”
“Was good, she’s a fast learner”
“I can see that” he smiled at me.
“Hey I need to talk to you two”
They both looked at each other then they came closer to me,
“Everything alright?” asked Stephen, his voice serious.
“Yes, everything’s great, just that I need you two to be careful”
“We know Gibson” said Nancy. I gave Nancy a questioning look, they know?,
“You know?” I asked, she nodded her head, then she went on saying “yeah, you want to tell us to be careful because Ada is in danger, so we are to be careful of the people we talk to, the places we go….stuff like that”
Hm, this girl is smart, “yes Nancy that’s exactly it, but also I want to tell you guys that the level of our security has been upgraded”
They both looked at me blankly, but Stephen spoke first.
“What do you mean by upgraded?”
“Well what I mean is, everyone will from now on have a bodyguard for protection, no excuses”
“Gibson are you sure that’s necessary, because….?”…….. Asked Nancy, but I stopped her saying, “yes I’m sure, 100% sure”
She closed her mouth, then nodded her head.
“Ok, now that you two know what’s happening , I’ve got stuff to do, so take care” I turned around, walking back into the house.
“Later Gibson” said Nancy.
“Later Gibbs” said Stephen.
With one hand in the air, I gave a short wave, then walked into the house. …………………………………………

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