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I woke up very late in the morning around few minutes to 7am due to the fact that I slept very late in the night. I opened my eyes and I saw Betty seated on the bed with her back resting against the wall. I yawned, stretched myself and moved closer to Betty and I kissed her on her forehead.

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ME: Good morning Betty


BETTY: Good morning Onihaxy. How was your night?

ME: fine dear. You woke up so early, hope you are fine?

BETTY: yes I’m fine.  You slept off while we were discussing last night.

ME: I’m so sorry about that. Don’t mind me, I was so tired

BETTY: eeyah,  pele. Uncle Segun called me this morning and he told me that he saw my missed calls. He said his phone was on silent and that was why he couldn’t hear it when the phone was ringing.

ME: really?, don’t mind him, his phone is always on silent or vibration and I don’t know why.

BETTY: anyways, I told him that I wanted to see him for some enquiries and he told me that he would here before 10am.

ME: ok dear


BETTY: as a result of this, I have seized your phone and it’s here with me, I will be monitoring all your calls and conversations until his arrival.

ME: *****laughed ***** haba Betty, I don’t understand, why will you do that?

BETTY: because I don’t trust you. You may try to update him on what he is going to say when he arrives here.

ME: ***smiled*** funny you. So what do you want to eat this morning?

BETTY: anything, what do you feel like eating?

ME: maybe semovita.

BETTY: do you have it at home?

ME: I bought it yesterday when I went out. I guess you didn’t notice probably because of your mood.

BETTY: alright, let’s go to the kitchen then.


ME: no problem.

We stood up from the bed and walked into the kitchen, I assisted her in washing the pot and lighting the stove while she did all the cooking and preparation of the food. At few minutes past 9am, the food was ready and we both went into the bathroom to brush our teeth before Betty returned to the kitchen to serve the meal while I went to the bed and sat down like a husband waiting for his wife’s dishes.  She arrived with a plate of semovita and another plate containing the soup, from the content of the meal, I noticed that it was lesser compared to what I saw in the pot when she was preparing the food. “Is this all the semovita you prepared?” I asked her with a surprise look on my face and she replied me saying “no, it’s still remaining some which I left for uncle Segun. Or you expect him not to eat out of my meal when he comes?”. We smiled over it and continued with the meal. After the meal, we lied down on the bed to watch some music videos from my phone and I heard a knock on the door “kokoko”.

“Who is there?” I shouted

“It’s me Segun” the voice answered from outside.

“That is uncle Segun  ooooo” Betty shouted as she jumped up from the bed and went to open the door. Segun hugged Betty and they exchange warm greetings before he sat down with us on the bed.


SEGE: my wife, I’m so sorry for last night, my phone was on silent and that was why I couldn’t hear it when it was ringing.


BETTY: yes I understand, it’s normal to keep phone on silent mood when you are with another woman so that calls from the other mistresses won’t ruin or distract the mood.

SEGE: *****laughed out loudly****** you are so funny Betty. It’s not what you think oooo. I love my Sandra so much and I will never cheat on her. It’s just that I don’t like ringtones on phones. You can ask your husband, I prefer my phones to be on vibration mode.

BETTY: hmmmmmm. It’s alright, you are welcome.


SEGE: thanks so much my wife. You said you wanted to see me. Don’t worry, just tell me all his offences and I will scold him right here in your presence. You know I told you to report anything to me?. I’m sure that he had committed an offence and that was why you wanted to see me.


BETTY: how did you know that he committed an offence?

SEGE: instincts. And for you to tell me that you wanted to see me, it sounded unusual.

BETTY: ok, first of all, let me get your food. Onihaxy!!!!!, follow me to the kitchen.

SEGE: hmmmmmmm. This una love na real thing oooo. Husband and wife going to the kitchen together to serve a guest

ME:  hmmmmmm, don’t mind us jaree. I’m under a house arrest.

SEGE: house arrest?

BETTY: yes. Because I don’t want him to say anything while I am away.


Betty and I left the room for the kitchen while we left Segun behind. As I turned back to look at Segun, he winked at me and I was rest assured that he got my message. I stood there right behind Betty while she was serving the food and my phone was kept inside the pocket of her bum short. We returned into the room and she served Segun with a plate of semo.


SEGE: hmmmmm, Onihaxy. If not that you are my very good friend, I’m supposed to snatch this girl from you. See correct and delicious meal. Chaiii.

ME: you are not serious. You better beware of thunderbolt because I don’t joke with my wife.

SEGE: forget that thing jareee. I get “thunderbolt-proof” if na that one you wan talk.

ME: you no well Segun.

SEGE: my wife. I’m with you jaree. You said you wanted to see me.

BETTY: yes, I just wanted to ask some questions to verify some things.

SEGE: ok dear, please go ahead.

BETTY: do you know anyone who bears the name “Adebimpe”?

SEGE: *****looking confused***** Adebimpe?,Adebimpe??, Adebimpe???, who is Adebimpe?

ME: ****cuts in ****** that girl that………………..

BETTY: ****placed her index finger on her lips***** ssssshhhhhhh. I didn’t ask you anything; neither did I tell you to say anything.

ME: ok ma.


BETTY: as I was saying uncle Segun. He said he dated a girl called Adebimpe sometimes back and you borrowed him some money which he sent to the girl as transport fare before the girl eventually travelled down to Akure and you all hanged out together. Please, can you shed more light on this because I know the girl very well and I already spoke with her and of which she had confirmed it that she came to meet Onihaxy here in Akure


ME: ******chai!!!!!!!, see smartness ooooooooo. What if I didn’t update Segun about this issue previously?*********

SEGE: oooooooh I remember.

BETTY: good.


SEGE: that witch of a girl. She scammed us and I know she must have grown up to be a professional armed robber by now. Onihaxy used the last 3,000 on him and I had to borrow him the last 12,000 on me to him that day just because of this girl. She switched her phone since then and I’m so sure that she did the same thing with various guys. Only God know how much she earns monthly with this scam business. Anyways, I have promised that I will strangle and kill her myself any day I set my eyes on her because I really suffered for that money as a jobless guy.


BETTY: kill and strangle her to death?, what???????????

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