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ME: ***ssssshhhhhhhh*** stop that Segun, don’t say that again.

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SEGE: leave me jor Onihaxy. It seems you don’t know how much this thing really pained me. Have you forgotten that it was the last money on me that I borrowed you that day?, have you forgotten the number of weeks I starved myself and went hungry just because of this money?, I will never forget about it. I must deal with her mercilessly any day I set my eyes on that witch.

BETTY: ******silent and was looking so quiet******

ME: it’s ok Segun. I know it really pained you. In fact, it pained you more than the rate at which it pained me because you had the largest amount of money in the scam she did and I knew and remembered that we had vowed to deal with her any day that we set our eyes on her. But at this junction, we just have to let go of her. Remember that I told you that she is now my mother in-law.

SEGE: **** sarcastic look****** mother in-law?, I thought you were joking that day when you told me about it, I never took you serious. ***turned to Betty**** my wife, is that true?

BETTY: ****took a deep breath**** you can see the way I was looking at both of you since morning, the person that both of you are planning to strangle and kill is my blood brother’s wife.

SEGE: wait Betty!!!, you mean your real brother’s wife?

BETTY: yes, the wife of the only brother I have.

SEGE: ****hit his hand on his leg so badly**** shit!!!!!!!!, see how my plans for this girl just ruined sha. Ooooooooh God!!!!!!


BETTY: calm down uncle Segun, is it just because of this same 15k issue that both of you are so angry and pained like this?, or there was more to it?

SEGE: yes oooooo. There was more ooooo. She really scammed us big time and a cunny lady like her needed to be taught a serious lesson so that she will serve as an example to other scammers like her. Just imagine her doing a scam of 15k on 10 different guys every month, which is a total income of one hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly, making a total of 1.8 million naira in a year. So you now see that there was really more to it.

BETTY: ***laughed out loudly*** uncle Segun, you are really funny. See the way you helped her to do the calculations as if you knew all her clients back then. Do you know maybe it was only Onihaxy that she did it to?

SEGE: I doubt it Betty. For someone to perform such a clean scam and outsmart two big boys like us, then it’s obvious that it wasn’t her first operation. She has really been doing it for long.

BETTY: anyways, it’s even good that I found out about these evil plans of yours earlier before I ended up mourning my brother’s wife.

SEGE: wait Betty, how did you find out about the relationship between the two of them in the first place?

ME: she found her pictures in my photo album.

SEGE: Adebimpe’s pictures?, Let me see them.

BETTY: ***handed over the pictures to Segun*****


SEGE: oooook!!!, this was the pictures she scanned and sent to Onihaxy that day, I could remember clearly that we both went to the photo laboratory to print them out that day after downloading it inside a flash drive in a cyber café.

ME: yes. You really remembered all these things oooooo.

SEGE: why won’t I remember?, why do you think I have plans for her?

BETTY: so both of you are planning to kill my brother’s wife abi?, if anything should happen to her, I will get both of you arrested.

SEGE: don’t worry Betty; nothing will happen to her again since we are marrying you from her house. We have forgiven her since she had become our in-law. But wait oooo, I heard that she is a nurse, is that true?

BETTY: yes. A trained nurse working with a very standard hospital on the island and she will be having her own clinic soon.

SEGE: but wait oo Onihaxy, I thought you said she was a mass communication student that year, how come she is now a nurse?, or is mass communication now related to nursing?

ME: I was so surprised too when I heard about it my friend. It was later that I found out that she never went to the university. She was in school of nursing all through the time she lied to be a UNIPORT student.

SEGE: nawa ooooo. I’m not surprised sha. A scammer will always have element of lies, sorry to say that in your presence Betty.

BETTY: it’s alright. Thank God I heard this. I will look for a way to discuss this issue with aunty Bimpe and also bring it up when I see my brother.

ME: *** I got scared and Segun could read it from my face****, Betty, I don’t think that will be necessary, let’s let it to die down among us here. I don’t think you should compound it to your family. Put their matrimony into consideration, their marriage might be at risk as a result of this.


BETTY: there won’t be any complication and I trust my brother, he is going to handle everything with maturity. Even if I want to let go, your plans to kill her won’t let me keep silent over this matter. He must be aware so as to know the people to hold responsible if anything happen to his wife.

SEGE: anyways, no problems. Just make sure you don’t break their home. From my own end and from the bottom of my heart, I have forgiven her completely. What about you Onihaxy?,

ME: same oooo. I have forgiven her too.

SEGE: my wife. I’m begging you on Onihaxy’s behalf; please find a place in your heart to forgive him. He ought to have told you about this but he was so scared of losing you which he told me about when he met you. I just thank God that they didn’t end up seeing each other; it would have ruined everything completely.

BETTY: its ok uncle Segun, no problems at all.

SEGE: anyways, let me start going now my dear. I have a client I want to catch up with for a business meeting and I’m already late.

BETTY: are you sure it’s a client or another woman.

SEGE: trust me dear, I can never cheat on your friend. Sandra is my wife, my one and only heartbeat.

BETTY: hmmmmmm, it’s alright. See you some other time.
Segun stood up from the bed and I stood up too while Betty later stood up. Segun hugged Betty and we both saw him off to the front of the house. Betty turned back and returned into the room while I walked Segun some meters away far from the house. I was about to talk about what happened when Segun placed his finger on his lips as a sign telling me to keep shut. He brought out my phone from my pocket and scrolled through it.

ME: what are you doing Segun?


SEGE: I just wanted to be sure that your phone wasn’t placed on recording because I could see her scrolling through the media application while she was about to drop the phone in your pocket.

ME: hmmmmmm, Segun the badt guy, you are a very good actor, see the way you were acting and demonstrating as if there was a script.

SEGE: you are a smooth criminal too. Just don’t be happy yet oo, I trust that your Betty, she is smarter than you think.

ME: hmmmmm, I was so scared when she was calling you yesterday night because I was wondering what your response would have been since I never informed you earlier. Why didn’t you pick your calls sef?

SEGE: I was having a visitor and I needed to drop my phone so that it won’t distract me. It was very early in the morning that I read your whatsapp messages.

ME: you had a visitor abi?, I am so sure that it’s a girl.

SEGE: that is not the main issue here. You need to find a means of communicating secretly with your witch called Adebimpe in order to update her about the latest happenings before Betty placed her own call to her and catch her unaware.

ME: yes!!!!!!!! You are right, that is true.

SEGE: I have always said it. It’s this your Adebimpe that will ruin your life and your relationship in the end if care if care is not taken.


<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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