Adesuwa : Episode 2

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There were a number of reasons why she liked Osas at first. He was tall and dark, and despite the fact that he was not well to do, he was extremely neat. When he smiled, he revealed a row of perfectly carved white teeth, and though he was on the thin side, he had an agility that always surprised her. His legs were slightly bowed, giving him an appearance of always walking with a swag.
He held Adesuwa by her hand towards the mattress. She sat on it, and he sat besides her, placing his hands on her thighs.
”So baby, how was your night? did you dream of me?” He asked her
”Of course you know I always dream of you babe. I can’t wait for you to marry me and take me away from this village.”
His face fell when he heard her saying that and she was quick to notice
”what’s the matter my dear?” She asked him, a worried expression on her face
”Its nothing” he replied, trying unsuccessfully to smile
”Don’t tell me that please. Remember we do not keep things from each other” She continued
”Okay, Its just that I have been considering both our situation and I think it is better that I go to Lagos and make some money so I can take care of us both” He finished
She sat thinking for a full minute before getting up and saying
”I have to go back home now, the day is getting older. Maybe when I come in  the evening we will discuss it”
”But you just got here? No I dont want you to leave just yet” He held her hand, dragging her to the bed while she made a vain attempt at resisting.
He took of the singlet and wrapper he was wearing revealing his nakedness, knowing that she would not be able to resist a quickie before she got going.
She was wearing a singular wrapper above her breasts, and she let it loose as she landed on the bed.
”Please hurry o, I have to go home, they will be waiting for me” She pleaded.
He didn’t need any further encouragement as he lay beside her sideways, and using his left hand to raise her left leg, thrust his penis inside her, as she moaned, already coveting more of his dick, and he began to pummel deep in her insides, causing her to mumble incoherently as she was being ravished, and moan in pure pleasure. He showed no sign of slowing down as he kept on hitting her relentlessly, loosing track of time, until she noticed that he had stopped thrusting, going stiff and jerking alternatively, and with a grunt, he emptied his semen inside her.
They lay on the mattress for a full minute more, before realizing that the morning was wearing thin and she got up quickly, putting on her wrapper, and making her way outside, and balancing her can on her head, she began the journey home, even as she heard Osas snoring faintly.

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