Adventures of Akpos episode 17

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GIRLFRIEND: Good morning sweetheart (sent)
BOYFRIEND: Good morning darling. (Sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: you you don’t want to reply my message..don’t
you love me again, (Sent)
BOYFRIEND: I love you dear, (sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: if you love reply my message. And if you don’t
ignore my message. (Sent)
BOYFRIEND: I love you sweetheart. (Sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: why doing me like this honey. (Sent)
BOYFRIEND; I want to reply you baby. but the network is poor.
(sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: do you love me. (sent)
BOYFRIEND: I love you true. (sending failed)
GIRLFRIEND: Never speak to me again. (sent)
BOYFRIEND: hmmmm babe I love you believe me. (sending
GIRLFRIEND Do you want to end our relationship. (sent)
BOYFRIEND: I’m fed up of this shit…!!! ((message sent))
Pls which network is this..???
# MTN ?
# GLO?

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