Article : Fearless : by Adeosun

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There are few wars for us to fight,
But one thing fails us to win,
And with this we get little light
Everyone sparkled with concentrated gin.

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We are fearless of wars danger
Pleased with every little anger
We are Fearless of battles
Both blood and water shall never mantle

Guns and matchets are not our audacity
But hopes and faith that fills the city
Violence is an embarrassment
Never let oppression of an ignoramus gives you a resentment

Fearless in war is not violence
Fearless doesn’t mean to be killing
Fearless doesn’t mean hazardous resilience
Fearless doesn’t mean deadly drilling.

Its all simply refers to calmness
Even at the cause of blood shedding
Its all simply means nonviolence
Even when enemies are killing .

Adeosun Oluwatobi Michael(St holy)

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Spread the love, please share with friends after reading

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