Beyond my control episode 11

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Beyond my control part 11

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I could see reasons why she has been friendly with me since all these days,so wuraola was right I cried bitterly coz I’ve started trusting titi,I never expected that from her,I was alone outside their gate with my luggage when I heard thief!!! I ran forgetting my bags Buh they caught me they were beating me almost to death be4 they saw my face and realised am not the thief they were chasing,they rushed me to the hospital they treated me Buh I wasn’t balance so they haven’t discharge me,my eyes were swollen up I couldn’t see very well,my legs were broken Buh not paralysed I was doing morning exercise as prescribed by the doc walking and peeping into wards when I saw wuraola lying down helplessly,I rushed in and I tapped her a little and the doc came in what are you doing here,he was about to send me out when she opened her eye from coma,the doc was surprised wuraola stood up immediately she saw me and call me to sit beside her,the doc left us,she asked wat happened to my face I replied nothing she dint believe and brought out a paper that I should write what happened while I was writing she was telling me that she missed me thatshe has landed in hospital coz of me she said she knows I luv titi the moment she said that I looked into her eyes and realised she has fallen for me,she continued,Sunday I know you don’t love me but I was empty when we were not that close again,I finished what I was writing then handed it to her she read it and said I told you she has something hidden for uuu,I nodded yes.. We stared at each other for mins then I went out to go to my ward,few mins later the doc said since I don’t have money to pay I can go now,I want to check wuraola,her mom has gotten there I peeped by window she saw me and asked me to come inside.
I went inside, wuraola discussed living with her buh I refused I don’t want troubles But her mom insisted,I agreed I had no choice. On our way going I branched titi’s house and packed my bags and move for wuraola’s house.we got there it was very beautiful I was given a room not to far from wuraola’s room,wura’s dad died a long time ago.

😥😥😥😥😥 watch out for part12

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