Beyond my control episode 13

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Beyond my control part 13

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We got back to Nigeria, I went to my house went to give my mom in her burial the feedback,I told my mom to rest in peace everything is okay and I cried bitterly that my mom was unable to eat the fruit of her labour
Three weeks later I felt sick I had landed in the hospital when the doc examined me,he said I had kidney problem that if we don’t see donor btwn now and 2mao that I’d die,I’m scared and I called titi her no.was switched off,no lights coz there are rioting in our area then I called wura I called her and explained it to her she was scared and she came over she told the doctor to start the operation,after the operation was success titi showed up she saw me and Wura lying down,she said she went to wura’s house that her mom said she’s coming here then she asked what’s wrong??? We explained she cried bitterly that she couldn’t help, few days later we were discharged me and titi was strolling outside the hospital gate wura has gone to drive the car out of the hospital then they started their rioting when one of the hooligans point the gun at me and shoot it titi saw the bullets and pushed me away,she takes the bullet,the bullet met her in her right heart,she fell down instantly the police then shoot the hooligan,we rushed back carrying titi’s to the hospital,she was saying,Sunday I did this because I love you and for you to forgive me for what I’ve done to you,forgive me,wuraola heard it also then titi landed on the hospital bed,the doc came that she wouldn’t die, they’d tried their best,titi survivied it.
Wura told me in the theatre room that she gave me her kidney coz she loves me….Now this is beyond my control again,who will I marry???
The one that gave me a kidney or the one that took a bullet for me????

This is beyond my control and beyond everybody,God will take control of your present situation ijn,Amen

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