Beyond my control episode 4

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part 4

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I really want to know but who,who will teach me??? My mother dint go to school that was why she wanted me to go to school, I’m in the midst of enemies here,I just do think of not getting into troubles Buh am always surrounded with troubles,is just a troubled world for me how can I cope?? I was thinking all this when Mr.fatoye came inside again,he yelled lemme test ur mathematical brain again he wrote some equation at the board and she shouted dumby come and solve this I stood up all my body were shaking coz I dint knw it and all eyes were on me,I just wish the ground could open and swallow me but was never possible titi was already laughing at me seems she read my mind that I cannot do it then I got to the board my hands were shaking at high rate I was just writing rubbish Mr.fatoye flogged me at the back of my neck and asked me to kneel down when I was at my position I was busy thinking why this man hate me? He called titi to come solve it she bodily took it and solve it easily I stared at the board it was just like magic I dont understand at all the whole class clapped for her,few minutes I was released and was going back to my seat gently, I mistakenly matched her and she stood up with no hesitation and slapped me,her sock was dirty she went to buy new ones and threw the old ones at me,I dinnuh say a word Buh I wrote it down(am always writing my bad moments down) hours passed by I got home,went to meet mom at farm and we were going to new customer’s house to my greatest surprise tws titi house
😥😥😥 watch out for part5

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