Beyond my control episode 9

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Beyond my control part 9

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Then I said in my heart thank you wuraola,I wrote the Ans correctly without mistakes,the whole class was surprised except wuraola that had taught me before Mr.fatoye.I went back to my sit,thank you I wrote down for wuraola then she replied you’re welcome ,school hours goes like that I kept answering questions been asked.
School closed,our driver came I told the driver to go alone with titi that I’d be coming home sooner,I stayed back with wuraola she was teaching me math,she taught me and I understood,wuraola told me we gonna continue like this I agreed coz I enjoyed studying with her and she’s good at explaining, she called her driver,she asked her driver to drive to titi’s house which is my new house,the driver got there titi was outside the gate she saw wuraola dropped me off and when she gave me a friendly hug.I moved towards the gate I greeted Buh she dint reply I got inside searched the kitchen Buh she hasn’t remained any food for me,I can’t complain,is her house so I just wash the plates and went inside studying,she came inside my room and ask what am doing with wuraola at school I did not reply her,she left outta frustration and jealousy,I continue studying my math which wuraola had taught me,so I went farther wit it and do the assignment she had given me.
7pm.titi’s mom came back I was looking tired and weak,she noticed that I’ve not eaten,she asked me have I eaten?? nodded yes,she asked why am looking exhausted and I shaked my head nothing, she said okay and cooked for dinner, I ate like I’ll never eat 2mao coz I was very hungry.
The next day,titi’s mom gave titi 2,000 and asked me to collect 1000 from titi at sch,she left us for work and we went to school,I carried titi’s bag as usual,we got to sch and I asked for my money,the money your fore fathers worked for,or the one your mummy worked for before she died,are you mad? You even av the boldness to ask me,are you crazy Or what??? She said outta anger then I waved a sorry hand to her and left her sight.
Wuraola came in,greeted me and ask me for her assignment I gave her she marked it I scored ⅝ she was very happy and started another lesson with me,the math teacher came in taught us Buh never called anyone to solve a question, we worked and twas break wuraola asked me if I’d buy something I replied no then she asked me to follow her,she bought snacks for us to eat 2gera,I cried bitterly And accept to eat with her!titi was lavishing money when she saw me eating with wuraola,she was very angry and told me where I saw the Money am using to eat coz she had collected all my money,wuraola heard this and

😥😥😥 watch out for part 10

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