Brand new Entry : Ada,  episode 1

Brand new Entry : Ada, episode 1

April 18, 2017 Ada
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Ada Episode 1
2 years and a few months back, somewhere in Abia state Nigeria.
I was in a restaurant with my two very good friends, Chichi and Chioma, we were out to just gist and have fun. I’m a 22 year old graduate of Bowen University but I live in Abia state, I had just returned back from school after my graduation. My whole family was there to celebrate with me at my graduation, but now I want to do it with my friends.
My friends and I don’t go to the same school, but that hasn’t stopped us from being real close. Chichi is closest to me, we’ve been friends for years; I tell her everything and anything.
“so Ada, how does it feel to be a graduate of mass communication?” asked chioma, she is the cutest amongst us, she has a perfect figure eight, average in height, dark skin, and a very dark hair, which is thick and natural, she normally leaves it into a short afro, which makes her look really beautiful, she’s a perfect example of an African queen.
“I took a sip of my coke, placed it back on the round table where we sat in the middle of the restaurant and looked at her, then I gave her a big wide smile and said,
“it feels awesome”, I felt giddy and excited and I expressed that by smiling like a moron and getting restless on my seat as I continued, “I can’t wait to start my service(Nysc), start work as a reporter and tell stories of every kind, whether good or bad, I just can’t wait”. I said
“nawa, na so you dey excited?, abeg make this strike vamoose so that I too go, go back to school make I graduate” said chioma, her university which is not a private university has been on strike for a few months now, lecturers have refused to teach ‘cos they haven’t been paid.
“Don’t worry it’ll soon be called off” stated chichi confidently.
She is light in complexion like me, same height as me and very beautiful too, her hair is brown in color, she’s slim like a model but has wide hips and a tiny waist and she knows how to dress.
“but that might be in four years time” she said, we both burst into laughter at this, while chioma just glared at us, she’s the only one that refused to go to a private university, said its boring as hell, that she wanted to have fun. Well she’s having fun now right?
“ehnn, continue to laugh oh, continue, I don’t blame you, mshww” she rolled her eyes, placed her drink back on her lips and took a huge gulp, we didn’t mind her, we just continued to laugh, it was then I felt my pocket vibrate, my laughter reduced to little chuckles, I dipped my hand into the right side of my jeans trouser pocket and pulled out my phone, saw it was a number without a name, wondered who it was but still answered it all the same. I said hi, the person asked if I was ada, I confirmed that I was, and that was how my world came to an end, with only that confirmation. My family, the whole of them, dead.


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