Brand new Entry : long lost peace. Episode 1

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This is a true life story written by me aka (Akash). All copyrights reserved. No copying, publishing and posting without the permission and approval of the writer. Contact the writer through:

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Sit back and relax, as you read…

*Episode 1*
This is a story about two countries, which they hates each other with passion, even to the extend of passing this hatred to their children, in which this hatred was started by their great gran gran fathers **I tink you understand what I mean**
The cause of there hateness for each other is **I don’t know cause am not alive then, when it all started or do you think I will know, when am not 10,000 years old**
Buh what I knw is that am the cause of the peace between both countries.

Oh I almost forgot introducing myself,
My name is grace, am a girl of 5 years old **when it all happened, that’s to be specific** I was mute, asin am not able to talk buh I can hear soundly, that was how I was born, nature I guess, am only the daughter of my family, we live in a place far from the city even far from d village too**a place only mi can describe, and you can even guess it your self** we are one happy family, though pretending to be I guess, because we live out of the fear of poverty, asin we farm, so we didn’t see any need of money** though my mother is rich** buh she elope with my father due to their thing called *love*, which i call it act of foolishness, or what can you call it, leaving a good wealthy place to live with somebody in a place far away from every body in the name of *love* I don’t believe in love cause I think was born out of it, cursing the nature for bringing me into this life of my parent **the worst part unable to talk, *mute* **
Buh have already accepted my destiny, and always have it in mind that am destine for something greater, than living in a insignificant place or so I think.

My father is a farmer and a shepherd, my mother always stay at home doing the wife material things. The place we re living is a big farm land, buh a slippy one, which made my dad gave us **me an my mum** a strictly warning not going past some marked area mark by him, though he always go past there because of the Shepherd of a thing, telling both me and my mum that it for our own good, which we both accept without more argument, thinking he knows what best for us, beside he was the one living there alone before, he and my mum got elope and got married **as they both always tell me** which I think is *foolishness*

One faithful day, my dad already went out, to where is known only by him and when he goes like that, he always come back with some food materials, and always came back late at night, which my mum always at home doing what she always does *wife material things*, that the main reason I said I don’t believe in *love* because they don’t have time for me **which I didn’t care, cause to me that how life is** so I was always playing alone with my **motor tire** rolling is up an down with a stick.

So that day, I was playing as usual with the tire and the stick together, to the extend that i was so carried away by it, without knowing when I pass the marked area **no go area** by my dad, the tire was now rolling with full speed which make me like the way it’s rolling**the speed** when I was not able to cash the tire, due to it speed, I now throw away the stick am using to drive it, to run after the tire which is nw rolling wit full speed, which it didn’t occur to me that it because of d slippy area that’s why the speed of the tire increases, I was busy running after d tire after dropping d stick I was using to drive it before, until I miss calculated my legs due to my speed, which lead me rolling along with the tire, though the tire was in the front, not knowing were i was rolling to, which I instantly know when the tire took off and fall down the clift, hearing the sound of tire falling down the clift into the big river below, **so I tink** buh only God knows were it fall, buh only the sound of it falling make me so frighten and afraid, which made me shouting help! help!! help!!! at d top of my voice **though its in my mind because am *mute* ** I was rolling with full speed which lead me in falling off the clift too.

To be continued…
What do you tink happen next???

Did I fall down the clift to only God knows where or not !!!

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