Brand new Entry : My FUCKED up story (18+) episode 1

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was having a nap when I heard a hard knock on the door,
“who is that?”I thundered, rushing almost immediately to see who just interrupted my sweetdream.
WhO I saw made me speechless as I stand transfixed to the spot, oh I shouldn’t have raised my voice, this and many more were the thought running in my mind
” I hope I am welcomed here?” she said softly and almost romantically.
Before I could say jack Robinson she is inside, lol.
Now let me tell you about myself. I live alone in our big house in the village, I just came back from the town to write my waec in the village, since my village school is a special center where people come from all nooks and crannies of the country to write their exams. And besides my parent wanted me to know my root more because right from childhood I had always been a city boy.
My firstday in school was great, I made more female friends (friends) than the male ones, lol its not my fault sha.
I had many of them coming my way but my mind was hell bent on a particular girl, dark skinned and tall, very beautiful but not the most beautiful in the whole of SS2, I just suddenly developed feelings for her, I cant explain but I think I saw something unique about her, her name is Chioma and you are not far fetched from the truth if you say she is my crush. She knew I have a strong feelings for her but she wants me to make the first move while I also wanted her to make the first move, so… dear nairalanders who do you think will bell the cat? Lol

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To be continued


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  1. Don’t you think posting the link to a related one is better? like, instead of you posting ‘Related: episode 36, 58, 63..’ on the page of episode 1. isn’t it better you post episode 2, 3 or 4?? I mean a link to read the next chapter. the fun in reading is in its immediate continuity.

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