Brand new: Hostages part one

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Tittle: 1: This is my story it began in a small city called sun city where I lived a Simple life with my parents in one room face to face house I was so small about 7years of age my mother was always the best for me but my father was something else I never too much corespond with my dad mostly I contradict him because he made life so difficult for me he beats me so much which gradually brought up hatred between us till my present age I was thinking back then that I should run away but I knew I will be left alone and I will surely suffer so I needed to Wait to finish my secoundary School before anything else I waited to about another 11years in hardship with my parents until finally I finish secoundary School now in university 100 level where I met some Strange sets of people I met this guy segun he was rugged and also Nice almost half of the School students liked this guy he feeds on his on while I was in School hardship I always imagine How this guy cope cos we where Both friends play together always he never showed me How he make money all I do is to go for bricklayer work I do labour for them 1500 per day after the mumu useless work the money wey I suppose manage I go use Am buy medicine I was so exausted I Later asked him where he work.
Me:hey segun sege!!! How far nah make u help me nigga Abeg make u find one work for me nah make I dey manage make money as dey do nah
Segun:hahaha see this small boy ooo where I Tell you say I dey work you Funny o guy na manage we follow they o
Me: hmmmmmmmmm make I join you dey manage nah we be padi nah help me out brother
Segun : guy free me Abeg
Me: all is well then as you No wan Tell me nah I know the kind of friend you are now so No problem
Segun:No be so nigga this tin No be a day job ooo and I No wan spoil my source of income so I No wan yan you Or anybody about my work

(I was so furious which kind work this guy dey do )
Me: just Tell me I no go fuck up brother Abeg
Segun: Hmmmmmmm Ok I will show you e be like say I fit trust you….
.**************omoniyi akande westener ***************
He makes some certain calls after the call he goes out of our room then spent like an hour before returning well nothing so suspicious here in our town here where I School university of ibadan you stay outside at midnight every where still stays lifely I gathered momentum and build up some strenght that one day I will trace him I was on my bed when I felt a hot slap on my cheek (taaaa!!!)

(Mentioned my name for the first time)
Segun:niyi Abeg wake up wahala dey ooo
(I quickly jumped up very furious)
Me:Who die !!!
Sege:Abeg I No go fit attend lecture today so I wan make u cover me up you know say that our bakassy lecturer go wan ask of me Tell her say I go see my mama for village Abeg biko
Me:na wa for you oooo so na im make you give me hot slap abi you be fowl
Segun: No vex nigga
Me No yawa na just waka
Segun: thanks man
Me :oga never go ooo Abeg find me money make I take chop Abeg
Segun: hmmm!!! I don know say you go ask oya take figo (500) if I come back we go talk wella
I just like sege cos he is not a stingy type he spray money for me he is caring to everyone I dressed up brush my teeth as usual bounce out of our room head for class I was like awesome see fresh babes fresh legs omo woman No go kill us ooo as I dash into the auditorium I just sight one cute girl for corner oboy this bae Fine pass mami water ooo I compose my self me wey be broke nigga inside boutique wears I talk for my my mind if we Close I go follow the girl yan sharperly I siddan Close to the girl one Student dey our middle I come dey imagine oo see fresh legs for my yard oboy lecture was going on about 20munites me just dey bored I never eat o the mumu pratical No enter my brain at all I just ear my name
Niyi!!! Niyi!!!
Bakassy lecturer: hey niyi why are you dossing
Me :speechless
Bakassy lecturer: see your life inside hold up
(All Students laughing)!!!
I don’t really care me wey I be confirm street boy Abegi
Bakassy lecturer: do not doss anymore Or I will evict you right this moment
Me Ok ma thanks ma
Lecture was over the lecturer No even ask of sege o live goes on jor before I could look around I No see this girl again oooo Chai see fuck up I search everywhere I No see her o hmmm No yawa na I be hunter She be meat tomorrow never dies I go see her another day TBC….

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