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Three days later, I started noticing that I was having burning sensations around my body. Each time I want to urinate, na mixture of blood and urine dey come out. “Chaiii, Another trouble.” My friend Ali I was staying in his place. He attends Mountain Of Fire ministries. Ali said I should follow him to their church to see his pastor. I refused. I don tire to dey go pastor own. If I still go there, the small money wey I get, dem go still collect am from me. I totally refused to follow him go see his pastor.
Days past, I was looking slimmer. My eye balls were becoming whiter with my palms. I was noticing it and was ready for anything, even if it was death. “I was tired of the life and sufferings I was going.” With what I was going through, I find it difficult to urinate. I vomit often. I had gone to about 2 hospitals and doctors couldn’t diagnose anything. The worse part of it, I got a call from the tenants staying at my place. They said my mom’s family members had threatened them out of the house. Infact they went ahead to bring a calved wooden figurine threatening them that if they didn’t leave the house, they all would die. Me sef come tire. I didn’t know what to do. At my very young age, going through all those kind of things. I was so tired of life. “My academics was still hanging with 2 courses still holding me. CGPA don drop drastically”. Na third class I dey. “My health was going down and I don’t just know if I was cursed!” I was still yet to tell Ali about my dubious means, my yahoo yahoo dealings in the past. He was just seeing me as a humble innocent young man. Yes, that is what I am, but what I was, he doesn’t know. On several occasions, he had invited a prayer group from their church to pray for me.
On one of the visits of the prayer group, one of the pastors said I was the cause of my problem. He said I should confess my sins, do restitution and I would be free from all the problems I was going through. “Infact he vividly said I had a covenant with the devil which had expired. The covenant requires renewing that’s why I was going through all that and if I didn’t renew it, it would cost me my life.” But I thought it to be a foolish decision. “I am the only one (except Abisoko and Uchenna) who knew how I got the money to build house and other things I did. I was leaving a life of lies.” My friend Ali had asked me if I was hiding anything from him, but I told him, “none.” Denying all the pastor had said. To me, I didn’t believe all that the pastor had said. The ones I believed duped me. I and my mom were conned. “It’s another avenue to be conned,” I thought to myself. But I was going down health wise, physically. Life was becoming boring and vague to me. The once Gbadebo that was smart and intelligent, great dreams had become a shadow of himself.
This particular Thursday, I was vomiting blood, Ali was not at home. He had traveled to Ibadan for some pressing issues. I felt weak. It looked as if I was going to die. I had to manage myself and went to a nearby chemist shop. The woman said she can’t do anything for me, that I should go to the hospital. She had to beg her brother to help accompany me to the hospital. The brother agreed as we left for the hospital with his motorcycle. The boy sef no try. He just dropped me and helped me into the waiting corner whilehe left. I was seated at the place to see the doctor when a man who was wearing a white garment like celestial church member was jumping from corner to corner preaching and laying hands on people. He was accompanied by two ladies and a man, all wearing white garment. I guessed they were from a celestial church. Women were coming to him, bringing their children for the man of God to lay hands on them. He was speaking in Yoruba language. Some were like, “daddy you have not touch my child oooo.” “No be wetin I come for be this nah” I thought to myself. I had to call one of the nurses who was busy directing the scenes of the man of God. She was carrying the cele man of God from place to places. I called her to attend to me. Na so dem just ignore me. “Abi dem no know say my own na emergency case.”
After many minutes of the Pastor with prayers, the doctors started attending to us. I was given an injection and some drugs. I began feeling very weak. I was asked to come back the next two days.
Two days later, I was feeling a little better. I went back to the hospital and still saw the Cele man of God I saw two days back. “It seemed they were now turning the hospital into a healing school or prayer ground.” The man of God of was laying hands on people with his deep Yoruba accent. As usual, mothers carrying their children to him for special laying of hands.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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