Confession of a funaab yahoo boy Episode 37

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One of the members came with his bible to the pulpit and started a prayer session. As the prayers started, na so some of the members wearing white garment began jumping again like drunk monkey, screaming “jah, jah, jah.” Na so people just dey fall. Even people that came for the deliverance were falling. I could recognize them because they were not wearing the white garment so I felt they were visitors and non-members that came for deliverance.
At 10:15am, they called out one lady and asked her to kneel and she did. They started praying for her. Suddenly the woman began jumping and shouting. The pastor asked them to get the 6 canes the woman brought. Na so pastor collect one of the cane come flog the woman. She screamed and shouted “Jesusssssssss”. Me sef come begin wonder why the pastor was flogging the woman. “Shey na so dem dey do the deliverance, with cane?” Na one wey pastor flog this woman she hala “Jesu Christi.” Other men and a woman of God with the pastor collected their own cane and began flogging the woman. The woman was rolling on the ground. As I was looking at it, I began wondering whether it was the cane each and every one of us brought they will use in flogging us. Chaiii, na so I look my cane as I carry the thing for hand. If it was what I was thinking! “Whether to just walk out of the church.” They use cane to conduct deliverance. That was why we were asked to get canes. I called one of the ushers and began asking her what was going on. Because I never still decode wetin dey happen. “Shey na cane una take dey do una deliverance?” I asked. She asked if it was my first time of coming to the place and I told her “yes,” it was my first time. Na so this lady begin explain to me ooo, say na so them dey do their deliverance for there. He said they often flog out demons and evil spirits operating in people’s lives. And I began wondering, “so na so this people go take flog me with cane?” Na so I look finish, I no be small pikin wey them fit just flog like that nah. I took my bible and left the church. As I was leaving out of the church, one of the men of God followed me outside. He began asking me why I was leaving. Na so I tell him say I no just understand, say na cane them wan flog me as deliverance. He looked at me as i said that. He said he doesn’t have much to say but if I work out of that place with my problems, that I won’t wake up alive the next day. “He said he was seeing deaths around me and if I didn’t do that deliverance that day, my own was finished.” The way the man was talking to me; the look on his face suggests I was truly in danger. Immediately he said those words to me, he turned around and went into the church. Na so I come dey fear ooo. “So na cane dem go take flog demons and problems comot from my life?” Part of me was telling me to go back into the church so I would be free. The pastor had already told me that after the deliverance, the family members in my house would leave. Infact na run dem go take comot leave the house and out of my life. But another part of me was telling me I was sinking deeper into problems; and that place was not to be. As I was busy contemplating on going back to the church or leave, one of the ushers came to me and encouraged me to take the pain and, “infact Jesus took worse.” According to the Bible. “But I no be Jesus na.” She said many people come from all over the word for the deliverance and after that, their lives didn’t remain the same. As she said that, part of me said it was true, that after undergoing the deliverance session, my life won’t remain the same, it will turn out to be worse. Na so the usher come dey tell me say she don see say devil no want make I dey delivered. That’s why he’s putting doubts in my mind. She began preaching the act of faith to me. I no know when I follow her enter inside church. I met them flogging another group of 2 people. They were 4 in number flogging the two men. “The sound of the strokes of canes were like thunder in my ears that I was so afraid.”
Couple of minutes later, the Pastor pointed his hand to me to come forward. I came out. He asked me to go on my knees and I did. Na so the other 3 men of God gather around me come dey pray. I closed my eyes but was also blinking to see when or if they will flog me because the usher said they might not flog me depending on how the pastor was led in the spirit. As I was kneeling and prayers being said, the pastor shouted at me to close my eyes very well or God will slap me. Na so I close my eyes. As I closed my eyes, it looked as if I was seeing old women with cutlasses chasing me. Before I knew what was happening, a stroke of cane landed on back, ‘wiam.’ I didn’t know when I screamed “Yay, blood of Jesus.” Na so the strokes of cane begin hit me ooo. I was just shouting as I stood up and ran to one corner, the four men including the pastor followed me with the cane and was still flogging me. The pastor was shouting that the evil demon in me was too strong and stubborn. I didn’t know when I ran out of the church but the gate men stopped me and held me as if I was mad. I told them to leave me and they refused. I was struggling for them to leave me but they over powered me and took me into the church. “These guys think say I dey joke. I no want again!” I shouted. I began shouting that I don’t want the deliverance again. But not for them because the pastor said they were just starting. “We must destroy you stubborn demon,” the pastor was saying. Na so the gatemen pin me to the ground and pastor continued flogging me oo. I was feeling massive pain and becoming weaker that I couldn’t react and they stopped. I thought I was going to faint. Bruises all over my body. Two ushers came and drag me to one corner. The shirt I worn had badly torn due to the cane strokes. I guess they saw the way I was behaving and they got me locuzade boost and bread as they took me to one corner. Na so I begin cry. All parts of my body began aching me. I couldn’t even eat what was given to me. Immediately the usher left, I stood up and left the church. Thank God the gatemen were not at the gate. Na so I come out, call on okada man. Na so I find my way comot for their. When I got home, I was just staggering. The room door was open as I staggered into the room and on the floor. Ali was back. Ali started asking what happened to me. “See me, I no fit explain, tears rolled down my eyes.” I asked him to help me get my drugs near the bed. He got it for me. Na so Ali begin scream, “what happen nah, its it accident or?” There were blood stains on my shirt. I couldn’t answer all his numerous question. I didn’t know when I slept off.
It was when I woke up in the midnight, i started feeling hungry. I come dey demand for food. Thank God for the remaining rice wey remain, the one my friend Ali cooked. Na so I go pot carry the thing chop. The way I was behaving and the sounds I made woke him up. Na there I come explain wetin happen to me. Ali was terribly angry and asked for the men of God in the church to be arrested, but much of the blame was on me. Ali said I was a fool and too gullible to believe all the crap I was told by the church. “How can you cast out devil and demons by flogging someone!” Ali screamed at me. “Guy you fall my hand,” he repeated again.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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