Confession of a Funaab Yahoo boy episode 39

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I got to the place and church Pastor Sam asked me to come to. It was a moderate size building which I presume can only accommodate 200 people. The church was painted green colour. I walked into the place because it was open. I met some people at the alter praying. I called Pastor Sam to inform him I was in the church. He asked me to wait because he was on his way to the church. I sat on a white chair in the church.
30 minutes later Pastor Sam arrived. He was surprise to see me. He asked me to follow him to his office. Na so I follow the man. He asked me couple of questions like what I was doing at that moment, if I had graduated. Well I told him. Finally, he asked why I wanted to see him. Na there I begin narrate story. I first reminded him of what he told me when we had an encounter at Nuella’s place. “That he said I was cursed and I needed deliverance.” “I narrated how I went into Yahoo yahoo business, the number of juju men I and my friends visited and the problems and challenges I was facing that moment. I even told him what transpired between I and the late Nuella, that I didn’t use her for money rituals as her parents had said.” After all I had said, he stood up and said he was coming and excused himself. He went out of the office. After like 10 minutes, he came back and sat on his chair. He said he had listened to all I have said. As he was still speaking, his phone rang. He picked it and told the person calling on the phone to come immediately, that he should hurry up. “Me sef, I come dey say abeg make the Pastor attend to me first before he begin do other things.” Pastor sam stood up again and said he was coming and left outside. This one I come begin wait for him, 5minutes pass, 10, 20 and the pastor was yet to return and I was still in his office. 35 minutes later, Pastor Sam returned and apologized for the distractions. He asked me to close my eyes, and I did. He prayed for me. After the prayers, he said before he would advise me and conduct deliverance for me, that I should go to the alter first and ask for forgiveness. I stood up and left his office and went to the alter to pray. After about 15 minutes, he sent someone to come and call me. Na so I stand come go back to Pastor office. I sat down. He asked me to wait that he was going to get something. Na so Pastor sam commot. I come begin wait. I was just hoping that we could finish on time so I could return to Ilorin that day. Sleep sef com carry me for the chair wey I dey. It was the opening of the door that woke me. The pastor walked in and called my name smiling. He sat down. Barely 3 minutes he came in, the door opened. Na 3 police people I come dey see. Before I knew what was happening, na heavy slap land for my face. One of the police men slapped me and I fell. ‘Health wise I wasn’t doing well, now this one!’ I was so weak after the slap that I was struggling to ask what I did. I lost my voice. I couldn’t understand what was really happening. While I was on the floor, the Pastor was telling them to take it easy on me. I tried to struggle but couldn’t. “Stand up,” one of the police officer shouted. Before I go even stand, one of them dragged me by the hand out of the Pastor’s office. As they dragged me out, i could see about 5 people. I managed to recognize one of them who happened to be Nuella’s father. They began raining curses at me, calling me murderer. The father said indeed he was right 3 years back when he said I killed his daughter Nuella and used her for my Yahoo yahoo rituals. I tried to explain but I had lost my voice. It looked as if the slap one of the police men gave to me affected my voice. Na so this people(police men) handcuff me come put me inside their van. I began crying because I never bargained for what I was seeing. “I didn’t know anyone in Lagos.” “What was really going on, I couldn’t understand.” I no even no anywere for Lagos. I was taking to a police station and stripped off my clothes. I tried telling them to allow me make calls to tell my relatives and friends where I was as I managed to speak. The police no gree. Dem just dey use slap scatter my face. They took me into a cell. “Oh lord have mercy. The scent, perfume, odour and smell coming out of that place. The smell was so bad that immediately I was pushed into the place, I began vomiting. There were 5 other people in the place. One of the inmates asked what was wrong with me. I was scared and thought they will beat me. I was so weak and felt tired.
Few hours later, it looked as if I would faint. I had already urinated on my body. The urine was a mixture of blood. Na there the guys wey dey inside the cell come dey shout make them come give me treatment. I was finally taken out of the cell to a place. I guessed they have an in house nurse abi na Doctor. They refused taking me out of the premises. A female doctor came to where I was placed. He was checking my body temperature. It looked as if I had started regaining my voice. I began pleading with the doctor to help me beg the officials to give me my phone so I could make calls. After much pleading, the doctor asked the police officers to give me my phone. The officers refused. Come see were the doctor com dey para for them. I began begging. I told them that I wasn’t feeling so well and I want to call my siblings to get me my drugs. After much pleading, they brought the phone and asked me who I want to call. They refused giving me the phone. Rather when I told them Ali, they dialed the number and placed it on speaker. Na there I tell Ali say dem don arrest me for Lagos. Before I fit explain finish, credit don finish. Ali called back. Though he couldn’t understand what I was saying because I never told him about Nuella’s case. He was not aware about my past so he sounded confused. One of the police woman there was kind enough to tell him the police station I was before the officers cut the call. Ali tried calling back but the police didn’t want to give the phone to me. They switched it off.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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