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That evening, i took my mom to a popular prayer house that people had been referring us to. We went there for prayers. We met the pastor of the church and we explained everything to him. He laughed and told us that it was the enemy that was at work. As he was saying, my mom was nodding in affirmation to him. “The pastor said the plans of the enemies was to kill I and my mom.” He talk say na enemies wey dey follow us from village. Finally he said he would do 2 days fasting and prayer on our behalf and it would cost us N20,000. After that my mom’s wound will heal with immediate effect and we will regain freedom. I only had N5,000 on me at that moment. My mom had N3,000 with her. She asked if the pastor would start up the fasting and prayer that day so we give him N5,000 and the next day I come to balance him the remaining money. “Pastor no gree ooo,” he said we must complete payment before he starts prayers and fasting. Omo na so I rush go nearby ATM joint go withdraw money. I added to the one I had earlier and gave to the pastor. He told us to write our names down on a paper and gave us a bottle of water. He said every morning, we should use the water to clean our face, head and legs. And we should read psalm 23. He also told us not to panic that after 3 days, my mom’s wound will dry up and things would change for positive in our lives. We hoped and believed so, like our lives depended on it.
The next day, early morning, we started what the pastor instructed us to do. We used the bottled water to wash our legs, head and face and read Psalm 23. Few hours later I called my distributor in Lagos to know if his boy was on the way to Ilorin to deliver the laptops to me. The man told me that he was yet to get payment alert. “Ahh ahh, which kyn thing be all these one nah.” I told him that I had sent the money. Maybe his bank hasn’t sent him the alert but he must have entered. He told me to exercise patience because he would be at the bank at noon so he would confirm if the payment had been made and he would get back to me.
Afternoon came and my distributor called and told me that nothing from me had entered his account. There was no credit made to his account. So I had to go back to the bank and there I discovered that I sent the money into someone else’s account. “Chaiii, see Gobe.” Na so we trace the person account and it was a male with the name Chigozie. The bank said they can’t do anything about it that it’s now between me and the Chigozie guy. I got the chigozie’s phone number and called the line but it was switched off. I called the distributor to inform him that I mistakenly paid into someone else’s account. I begged him to send the goods that I will send him the money before the next 5 days. He agreed and said he will send his boy to send me the laptop the next day. I was happy, thinking that I will be able to contact Chigozie so he could send me my money back easily.
I kept on trying Chigozie’s mobile number till finally it went through in the evening. He picked up and I explained to him that I mistakenly transferred N188,000 into his account. He said he was aware of it because he got the alert and was wondering how come that happened. He sounded so friendly and nice. He said he was a banker in Port Harcourt. After talking, he said he would transfer back my money the next two days. I come say “okay oo.” Even though I needed the money urgently. I just had to be patient with him
Two days pass and Chigozie never still send my money back. My mom’s wound was far from healing. Infact it was even spreading and opening up with smelly water coming out from it. “Na house she come dey stay now.” She doesn’t go to her shop again. Market sef no dey move. Na only 2 sales girls na im remain. Others had left because of non-payment of salary. The remaining two, na from my pocket I dey pay them. My mom had only N350,000 in her account. “It was far more than that some few months back but her ailment had eating all.” We spent money going to hospitals, visiting prayer houses. Pastors, Afas will tell us to give them money to pray for her. After everything nothing would still happen. Some will tell us to sow seeds and after sowing the seed, nothing happened. “When one has a problem, many would be advising and bringing suggestions for possible solutions. Na so we just dey take advises from people hoping that solution will come from them.”
Days past and Chigozie was yet to pay back my money. The laptops had arrived and delivered to my client sef. After the prayers and fasting from the pastor at the prayer house we went to, there was no positive outcome. “Now na me and Chigozie dey drag now.” The distributor had started disturbing me for his money. “I would call Chigozie on the phone to pay back my money and he would shout and abuse me on the phone.” Sometimes he won’t even pick my calls sef. It would ring ooooo. Sometimes he would pick and won’t even say a word. Na so my credit go dey burn. I went back to the bank again to complain, they were still insisting that they can’t do anything. I had to withdraw from my mom’s account to settle the distributor.
This particular Thursday, I called Chigozie again to ask him for refund of my money. The guy come dey para for me for phone. Telling me that my blood was too hot and if I continue like that he won’t pay me my money. Na so this guy come dey swear for me for phone. Me sef com start to dey hala for him. He had to cut the call. And that was the last time I heard from him again. Each time I try the number it would tell me “number not available.” I was just tired of everything. No money anymore. My mom’s sickness was getting worse.
<<<<<< To Be continued>>>>>>>>
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