Doctor's prescription episode 6

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Episode Six

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Now I have nothing against married people. I love the whole idea of

marriage actually, hell, a lot of my work is centered around keeping

marriages together by making married women happy.

But I just did not fancy the whole marriage idea for myself. At least not yet.

How would I be able to focus on my work as I should if I got married now?,

and who was going to take care of my clients?.

These and many other thoughts rolled through my head as I lay on my king

sized bed in my room, and gradually, as the early rays of moonlight filtered

into my room, I fell into a fitful sleep.

In it, I dreamed that I was a family man, fairly gray haired and balding, with

a formidable pouch for a belly, and a portly wife, rotund and well fed

tracking my every move. The scariest aspect of the dream was that I was

surrounded by a brood of children evidently mine, and I had no idea what to

do with them.

I woke up with a start by exactly five am, as shown by my alarm clock, and

I hurriedly bathed, brushed, and carefully selecting my clothes, got dressed

in a red T-shirt, a black trouser and suede shoes. Completing my ensemble

with a baseball hat, I made my way out of the house silently, passing the

room where my mother slept, content to know that she was snoring loudly.

It was bound to be a bright and sunny day I assumed as I walked the

distance to my office singing a little known tune on my way.

I had a busy day today, and I intended to make use of the daylight, as my

night and evening would most likely be spent acquainting myself with the

new woman brought to be my wife.

I had a lot to do today and my plan was to finish on time, hit the club in the

evening and retire home a bit late.

On getting to the office, I noticed a lady who looked to be in her 30s

stabding by the door.

I greeted her, and she seemed reluctant to answer.

Ignoring her for the time being, I went about my opening rituals of sweeping

and cleaning the dust and debris of the previous day.

I could as well have hired a secretary to do these mundane tasks but my

line of business required a lean as possible staff roll for maximum


It was only after I had settled in that the lady walked in.

I pretended not to notice her presence for all of two minutes, as I could see

her squirming in her seat, anxious to say something to me.

From what I saw, she had skin as black as coal and put on a red lipstick.

Her breasts were on the small side and her stomach was a bit flabby, but

on the whole, she didn’t look too bad.

I could work with this.

She finally summoned up courage to talk, and in passable English

explained to me that she was here for S£xual activity of a kind she was

addicted to.

She was an expert in giving blowjobs, but that skill was not appreciated by

her husband, a pastor in an orthodox church.

“I want you to help me”

I was more than happy to oblige, and after securing our privacy by bolting

the door, I shifted my seat backwards without getting up, and beckoning on

her with my fingers, she crawled seductively toward me on her knees.

Opening my fly with her teeth quite efficiently, she fished out my dick, and

Holding it in her left hand massaged gently with her right.

My cock stood to attention, and seeing that she wasted no time in

swallowing it in one gulp. I could feel the back of her throat massage my

cockhead, as it strained hard.

I was at that point moaning as she expertly swirled my more than average

cock around her mouth. I loved what she was doing and rewarded her with

some pre cum.

The taste seemed to drive her to a frenzy and for the next few minutes she

did wonders to my cock I didn’t believe possible.

After about thirty minutes of this intense pleasure, I poured warm cum in

the back of her throat and she swallowed it all like a professional porn


She then smiled at me, and pulling down her pants to reveal her shaved

pissy said, one good turn deserves another.

Now eat me up.

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