Doctor's prescription episode 9. (last episode)

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Doctors prescription Chapter 9
“ So this is where you have been going behind my back ” the soldier standing at the entrance bellowed in the direction of the entangled lovers .
She stood speechless, her arms and lips fast disengaging from his , standing a few feet apart from him.
“ W .. w .. what is the meaning of this ?” Dr asked in a lame attempt to assert control over the situation .
“ You are asking stupid questions. When I deal with you today you will understand” he replied, advancing upon him.
Apparently aroused by the ruckus unfolding, the ‘ Drs’ earlier client emerged from the anteroom, a look of confusion on her face .
“ What is going on here ?” She started .
“ Don’ t mind this idiot, this vermin , this worm of a man . So you go round sleeping with peoples wives , I am going to finish you today . You messed with the wrong man . I came back from the north last week and found out my wife was making clandestine movements . Now I have caught you and her , and you are both going to pay ” the soldier retorted.
All this while, Dr stood speechless, plotting his quick getaway, but the soldier was quicker than him.
“ Boys!” He screamed “ come and move this bloody civilian to quarters ”
Two young recruits marched in and hoisting him up by his hands took him outside to a waiting truck . Looking back, he saw the commanding officer pull his wife by her hair and throw her into a waiting Honda civic , and drive off, leaving his dumbfounded client scampering for safety .
Handling him roughly , pushing and shoving, the soldiers locked him up in the back of the military van, and drove him the short distance to the at barrack.
On getting there , they stripped him of his clothes , leaving him in briefs , and took him to the back of a brick building.
His toes curled in fright when he saw what they were planning for him. In each of their hands , the soldiers held whips of pure cow hide , and laying him on the ground, lashed him mercilessly till he bled from lacerations on his back. All this while, he kept kicking and screaming, as the blood ran down, mingling with the hot sand on the ground. When they were completely satisfied with his predicament , they took him and threw him into a tiny guard cell , taunting him.
“ Let me out please !” He kept screaming, banging the gate intermittently for good effect .
After a few minutes of his raucous racketeering , he heard a deep voice from behind him
“ Ol boy will you shut up there ”
Up until that point he thought he was the only one in the cell, but looking back he counted eight pair of eyes from people who looked more like beasts than human beings . Terribly emaciated , and emanating a fowl odor , they crowded round a single bunk on which lay the person from who the voice had come from.
He was a huge , dark man , with blazing red eyes , and marks all over his body , as if he was cut with razors.
“ So you just come here dey Jolla anyhow like crase man , you no fit regard presido abi, I go teach you lesson. Boys , bring an here .”
Two of the emaciated beings kept up and with amazing strength, dragged the terror stricken victim to the bunk, turning him around, and bending him over . Presido tore his briefs off him, and lining his already engorged penis with his buttock, pushed it in at once .
He screamed at the searing pain , crying he thought to himself
“ I am supposed to be a doctor , the best there is , herbal medicine and all . Look at what women have caused . Wallahi, if I leave here alive , I will never look at another woman again ” .

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