Empire episode 6

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Leonard:where are you going?
Lonia:i have to meet with Susan mother?
Leonard:why Susan mother?
Lonia:she told me to come over.
Leonard:don’t forget that we have dinner with my parent this evening.
Lonia:i did not forget.
Leonard:okay,go ahead.(Lonia walk away quickly)i wanted to spend today with her.
Don:should we go out for a drink?
Leonard:should we?then let us go.
Mr Clump:Lonia,it is good to see you here.
Lonia:it has been a while since we met.
Mr Clump:are you here to see Susan?
Lonia:no(Mrs Clump walk down the staircase)
Mrs Clump:oh Lonia,you are here(she smiled)follow me into my room.
Lonia:did you sleep alone?
Mrs Clump:yes,sometimes i sleep in my husband room,feel free to do anything.
Mrs Clump:about your star mark on your shoulder,are you sure that you were born with it?
Lonia:yes,it means that everyone that get close to me will always have a happy life.
Mrs Clump:is it true that you and Anderson were once in a relationship?
Mrs Clump:but why did Susan ended up getting engaged to Anderson.
Lonia:i don’t want to remember it anymore,i felt the pain unbearable within me,but i will soon get married to someone else.
Mrs Clump:Anderson told me that you and Susan are no more friends.
Lonia:Susan and Anderson tricked me,Susan date Anderson without my permission,she took Anderson away from me.
Mrs Clump:what?
Lonia:they both slept with eachother,they don’t care about how i felt,i hate them,i ended my friendship relationship with Susan.
Mrs Clump:Lonia,please i need a tip of your finger nail.
Mrs Clump:i need to do your DNA test.
Lonia:why did you want to do that so suddenly?
Mrs Clump:i am onky telling you this because i can trust you Lonia and you seems to be in a lot of pains,i lost my real daugther when she was three,her name was Maria,she also have a star sign like yours,Susan isn’t my real daugther.
Lonia:what?did Susan knows about it?
Mrs Clump:no,i don’t want to make her sad,but my husband doesn’t like Susan,after Susan begin to grow up she became more wicked and proud.
Lonia:what if i am not your real daugther?
Mrs Clump:then you will have to keep the secret from Susan,promise me.
Lonia:i promise.
Leonard:try Lonia number,i want to be with her.
Don:did she accept to marry you?
Don:what if your parent finds out that she is from a low bavkground?
Leonard:i will soon tell them the truth,i love Lonia,i will never lose her,but i am doubting something,sooner or later that guy named Anderson will try to take Lonia at all cost,his eyes are filled with love for Lonia.
Don:dis you want me to spy on him?
Leonard:you will have to do that.
Don:i did a research on Lonia,she was lost at the park when she was three years old,her real name is Maria,she grew up in Pure orphanage.
Leonard:find more research of her parent.
Don:i am working on that.(Susan walk closer to them)i will go ahead first.(he stood up and walk away)
Susan:hi Leonard.
Leonard:miss Susan.(Susan sit on the chair)
Susan:you also like a coxy place like this,we both have the same taste.
Susan:i called you last night,but you didn’t pick my call.
Leonard:i was busy,sorry.
Susan:it is okay,i understand,should i order?
Leonard:yes,it will be on me.
Susan:(she look at the ring on Leonard finger)are you engaged?
Leonard:i am getting married.
Leonard:yes,is anything wrong?
Susan:no,who are you getting married too?
Leonard:i will send you the invitation card when the time is right.
Susan:we are friends so why can’t you tell me?
Leonard:i have my own reason,my fiancee is so beautiful that i can’t say her name out.
Leonard:huh?(he look at his wristwacth)i will pay for every food on the menu list,you can choose any food you use to eat.
Susan:we can’t eat together?
Leonard:yes,i have to leave now.(he stood up and walk away)
Susan:(she chuckle)is he trying to tell me that his fiancee is prettier than me?this is so annoying,i even called-off my marriage because of him,i must find out about who he is dating,he must also call-off his marriage,i can’t be the only one who will lose.(she remove her phone from her bag and dialed Lucas number)hello.
Lucas:(on phone)madam,did you need anything.
Susan:the heir of Empire,i need to know his real fiancee,stalk around him every hour,i will pay you a high amount if you do your job properly.(she hang up)just wait and see Leonard,you will end up getting married to me.
Mrs Brave:Lonia,you look pretty.
Lonia:thank you.
Mr Brave:we need to meet with your parent Lonia.
Leonard:Lonia is an orphan.
Mrs Brave:what?
Mr Brave:both you said that her parent owns a popular supermarket in Asia.
Leonard:i lied.
Mrs Brave:(she poured her wine at Lonia angrily)you lowly thing,you were just stalking around my son because of his money.
Lonia:(tears roll down her cheek)i am really sorry.
Leonard:mom,Dad,there is nothing you can do about this,i can’t give up on Lonia.
Mr Brave:then you will lose everything if you don’t give up on her.
Leonard:(he chuckle)is it Empire?don’t forget that i also invest my money and got my shares also.
Mr Brave:but my shares made your shares increase.
Leonard:Dad,i will do what i want this time,you can’t order me around,Lonia let us go.(he stood up and pull Lonia up,then he drag Lonia behind him)
Mrs Brave:that sly fox,she is a nobody.
Leonard:go and rest.
Lonia:i will
Leonard:you will be okay,i will protect you.
Lonia:(she smiled)i understand(she walk away slowly)
(Leonard run out of Lonia bedroom while Don run closer to Leonard)
Don:are you okay?
Leonard:where is Lonia?
Don:what did you mean?
Leonard:i can’t find her and all her belongings are gone,are room is empty.
Head maid:miss Lonia left around 5:00pm this morning.
Leonard:what?get me my jacket and car key immediately.
To be continued.

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