Endless tears Episode 47

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After going to the market that same evening to
get some things for my parents, I instantly
decided that I would spend the night with them, if
not days. I have missed them and I knew life
would not be totally hell on earth if I stayed with
them. As long as my dad behaved of course. I
packed everything I bought and put them in the
car before going inside to pick some necessities,
like a spare cloth and other lady things.
I was just climbing down the stairs when the
front door burst open and Alex stormed in. he
saw me with no difficulty and stormed towards
me like he would actually kill me on the spot. I
stood firm with my head held high, even though I
was shivering inside. “Is a tiger on your tail? Why
do you look so…”
“Shut your mouth” he roared and grabbed my
neck in a choking vice. “How dare you call my
father to tell him trash? Do you know what you
have just done? I am suspended in my own
father’s company, you filthy bitch” he roared.
I let my bag fall to the ground and I dig my nails
into his hand until the pain forced him to let go of
my neck. I coughed slightly and drew in sharp
breaths. “Do you know what you have done
Alex?” I returned when I gained my composure.
“You had the nerve to beat me up. What did you
aim to achieve uhn? You want to box my child
out of me right? Or you want to put fear in me so
I can cower in your presence” I laughed. “You
have created a monster Alex, deal with it. If you
lay a single finger on me, I would make you pay.
Calling your dad is the least of what I would do
to you Alex, and when I am done, you would
regret knowing me”
He glared at me. “Believe me, I regret that
I picked up my bag and smiled coyly. “I am happy
to hear that Alex, because the feeling is mutual” I
walked away from him. “Goodnight Tina” I yelled.
“And where the hell are you going?” Alex barked.
I glanced slightly at him, and then continued out
the door. “None of your business. You have your
suspension to worry about darling”
I smiled outside the house and called the driver. I
told him the address and we were out of the
house and onto the road. I rubbed life back to my
strangled neck and hissed in anger. I lay my head
back and closed my eyes as darkness grew near.
I knew my parents would be pleasantly surprised
and I could not wait to see that surprise in their
faces. I have missed my parents, my mother

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