Endless tears Episode 48

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“Why won’t you listen to reason” Amara’s mum
yelled in anger as she marched behind her
husband into the sitting room. The argument had
been going on for almost thirty minutes, yet he
won’t listen. “I know my dreams Nnayi, they
always come true. Let us take Amara out of that
house before they kill her for me”
“Listen to me woman. Amara is married and it is
her duty to remain in that house for better for
worse. Just because you dreamt that Alex beat
her till she fainted, you want her to leave such a
wealthy family? My God! Don’t be stupid woman”
“I am not stupid, I am a mother and naturally, I
am concerned about my child. Unfortunately, you
are not” she said angrily.
“Why should I be? Now, Amara is nothing more
than a financial means for me. We both know that
she is not our daughter; why would I be
bothered?” Crashing sounds made then turn and
they both gasped in horror.

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I stared in horror as I examined the mess I had made on the floor. It had been my intention to give a solid surprise but now, the nylon of provisions I was holding just had to fall down, giving me away without much ado. I quickly glanced up at my parents. They were looking at me in horror and fright. That was not the kind of expression I was looking for. Yes, the nylon falling down could have been a scare but did they have to look so frightened.

“Papa, Mama; good evening” I called with a beaming smile. “Surprise. I wanted to surprise you both. Why do you both look so frightened? I am not a ghost”

My mother seemed to be shivering. “You did not hear anything?” she asked shakily.

“Of course I heard something! You both were fighting again. What was the cause of your argument this time?”

They both shifted nervously and seemed to heave a sigh of relief. “I thought I was always the cause of your arguments but now, I discover that you also argue when I am not there” I busied myself with gathering the scattered provisions. “Anyways, this is not the time to talk about it. Why not welcome your daughter uhn?” I grinned.

I went into my mother’s waiting hands and hugged her tightly. “I have missed you my child.” She whispered.

To be continued………..  .

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