Endless tears Episode 5

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I gasped as his words registered. “Papa”

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“I mean it Amara” he said sternly and if I still knew my dad well, he was not kidding. Mum did not even have a say because dad silenced her protests before it even left her mouth.

“Don’t bother saying anything woman” he said to her. “When I disown her, you would follow her.”

Real pain and feelings of betrayal bubbled up and tears rolled down my hot cheeks.

“You either marry this boy or pack your things out of my house along with your mother. I won’t have a disgrace in my family”.

I was sobbing now. If it were up to me alone, I could let it all go to hell but I definitely would not let anyone suffer for the mistake I foolishly made with my eyes open. I was vaguely aware of Corper Bello pacing the length of the extremely large sitting room. The Senator and his wife seemed to have gone mute. Corper Bello’s eyes caught mine and he stopped pacing, glaring at me with more anger than I have ever seen in anyone in my nineteen years of experience. His hands were squeezed very tight and all I could see were veins scattered all over his still too handsome features. I vaguely thought that he would march towards me and punch the child out of my tummy and my hands instantly went to my tummy, trying to protect my baby; if anything, he looked angrier. Instead of feeling fear which would be expected, my anger matched his and I thought I would fly into pieces due to excess bottled up anger. Well, anger was definitely better than the feelings of hurt and betrayal, I told myself.

I swallowed hard, wishing I could swallow my tongue as well. “When is the marriage taking place?”

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