Fausa Eleja Episode 13.

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“Am ready,” it was from seyi. I checked the time and it was 7:15am, I didn’t know where she was going. I stood up, I went outside my room and saw her at her door, she wore a very beautiful gown. I could remember, I accompanied her to the place she went to buy it. The gown was sleeveless with beautiful flowering stripes and designs. The first time we went out together as lovers, that was what she wore and all eyes were on us that day as we walk down the streets of somorine. “You are looking gorgeous” I said to her, “Thank you” she replied. “How was your night” she asked. I was surprised she asked how my night was, because on previous days when I started carrying her, she doesn’t even ask me. This day, I noticed that her countenance changed, she seems to be in a good mood. I told her my night was great. I carried her, she has indeed lost some more weight. As I was taking her to the gate, she was looking into my eyes, our eyes were just gazed at each other. One singular thing on my mind was, “God please let this thing not happen,” Is this the end of the union! Some kind of strange thoughts and imaginations started popping up on my mind. Immediately I dropped her outside the gate, she left. It looked as if I was free, I felt relieved. I realized that the decision I want to take at that moment was right and was the best. I had to rush inside the house and prepare as fast as possible, do it before I change my mind. I took my bath and off I went to gate. Immediately I got to fausa’s house, I knocked at the door……

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