Fausa Eleja Episode 9

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Two weeks to resumption date, fausa began to call me, she said I should come back, she was terribly missing me and she wants me back so I could help in packing her belongings to the new house. Me, it has always been a norm for me to come back 2 weeks after resumption. I don’t know how fausa will take it if I tell her that i still have till 4 more weeks to come back. Me too don dey miss the girl sef, I chat with seyi often, even seyi told me that she will be coming back 3 days to resumption. I don’t want her (seyi) to notice or see me helping fausa to pack her things. That alone made me change my mind, and I came back a week later in the warm and loving hands of fausa. Even though I wasn’t having much feelings for seyi, I still pretend to love her.
The day I came back, barely 2 hours I came back to Abeokuta, fausa came to see me. She hugged me so tight as if her life depended on it. She brought turkey and some cooking stuff when she was coming, and she cooked a nice vegetable soup and bought fufu. The gift she claimed that she has for me was an iphone 5. I was so happy, I have dreamt of having the phone, hoping that one day it will be a reality; the reality was finally there. She said her dad got two for her so she’s giving me one.”All these was bringing to me a diluted thought about fausa”
“Is she the one my destiny chose????”
“Is she just a helper??”
“Mr man, you better not waste your time on nothing (seyi)..it seems fausa is the real koko” this was all what my mind are grunting”
The next day we began the real work at her new house in gate. We went to the market and shops to get some items that she would need, including a television, decoder, home theater and many more. After arranging the house, the house was looking good. The next day fausa came to my house, she got me some clothes. I was surprised how she knew my size. When I asked her, she claimed she has been with me for a long time so why won’t she know my clothes size, and even my shoe size. We hard a lovely sex. After the sex in the evening. She took me to one provision store at sapon. We got some provisions for herself and me. She got some other stuffs for herself. We headed back home with nylon stuffed bags full of provisions and some female stuff. I dropped at somorine while she left for gate; the taxi was even chattered by her. I got home and met a surprise

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