Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 17

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I finally woke up from the dream…should i call it a
nightmare? No! na dream to me because i really enjoyed seyi’s S*x……………i woke up, pickup my phone dial seye’s number…,…

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Seye: hello my guy

me: wetin do you yesternight? Why u no pick up my calls?

Seye: weyrey re o (dis is a madman o) you expected me to pick call by that time abi?

Me: why can’t you?

seye: siddon there…,.hwfa jur? Any gist?

Me: (i wanted to tell him about the dream but i
didn’t) my guy na true you talk o….i explained everything to
him…including what i saw on her phone about the S*x chat…i told him everything…i mean every damn thing i saw with my eyes

seye: are you serious?

Me: yes now

seye: you mean you have his nude picture and porn video
that shows his face?

Me: ah no fit lie you now

seye: omo money don reach us be that

me: how do you mean?

Seye: alaye switch to bbm lemme lecture you

me: ok……i hung up and i lunch my bbm ……. ..,..we started chating…..

me: alaye hwfa

seye: so bro…we go make some money through him

me: how?

seye: yap we go blackmail him ni o…,.u no sey e b
one of the strong executive that hold a very deligent post….,.so he had gotten alot of money

me: hmmm the sharp man

seye: ogbeni no dull am o he won’t dear tanish his reputation ooooo

me: ok so how the show go be and hope it wunt have end

seye: see u…..shey u no sabi anyting for ur own life ni?

Me: alaye com down now why insulting? U don 4gt
How i help you plan how you banged the two intimate frnds in a day in the same compound?

Seye: the greatest event planner….naso, i could remember

Me: no b true?

Seye: na true jare, no mind me, but this time you
carry last

me: lol so how i go go about it…
……………….seye teach me everything….we ended the conversation….
……i relax a little on the bed playing with my thing in my hand inside boxer when i got a knock from the door…..

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