Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 20

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…It was fausa that was calling….,..chai. i thought it
was this guy sha…..

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Fausa: hello love

me: hi dear…where are you?

fausa: am still in school and you?

me: am already at home!

fausa: how could you left me and went home single

me: am sowi dear…i went home to pakage the deal tight…

Fausa: ooh i will join you soon dear.

Me: ok dear
….we hung up……i got back to my thought……
“is this guy crazy?”
“What is he upto gan?…”
“what can i do again?”
“Should i put a call back to him and apologize? Haaa am i mad?”
“How would i do that?”
“Let me wait till tomorrow”
……i was damn hungry at the moment and i went to the kitchen..,..i ate 3 slice of bread………and got back to bed…..i was there bored and thinking of getting myself busy…….i walked to the disc roll…and i picked up a movie of afrocandy……,..i inserted it and began to watch…….fausa met me on this and we got hurny …,we had S*x and she later made food for us to eat……,later at night around 11:00pm i was ontop fausa having missionary style S*x when i heard my phone ringing..,i was carried away by the pleasure in the game………so I let a dumb hearing to the ringing phone that had already been troway to the floor…….the call was coming in for the eight times…I got freezed immediately I remembered i was expecting an important call..,… …..immediately I remembered, my prick got shrunk and i went to where my phone was…it has already stopped by the time i got there………..’ooh…why did i
missed this call’ i was on stand holding the phone at the front of a wide opened P**sy of fausa winking to me…..but i
didnt gave an interest anymore..,…i was just praying the guy should call back……….coz i dont want to call him..,.after 15minutes the phone began to ring again…. I looked at the screen, it was seye….,

me: hello bro

seye: you no even allow my call to ring before you pick

me: naso…i was already holding my phone expecting a call back from gen sec

seye: has he called before

me: yes but i missed his calls

seye: how would you?

Me: no be my fault jare….i was already asleep…i
woke up by his last call…i don’t know may be i should put a call back to him……(i need to lie to seye coz if i should told him what i was doing at that moment, he will blast me )

Seye: you this pathetic fool, didn’t i tell you not to sleep till u get the call?

Me: no be my fault jawe, na today’s stress

Seye: wait for like 15mins before you called him back…
…we were still on air while i noticed there was a
call waiting to be answered….i hurriedly looked up to my phone screen and saw ‘gen sec calling’

me: bro, i wil put a call back to you later…he is
calling me now

seye: ok
…we hung up.and i picked gen sec call…

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