Fausa Eleja season 2 episode 24.

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i received the alert of #65000 at 3:45pm on friday from
gensec……..and a message pleadiing about the incompleted money he sent, he begged and added what he passed through before he could get the money.,……..i felt pity for him., and i told him to forget about the remaining 5k…,….. We spent the money lavishly as if we were still expecting more of the
awoof…. meanwhile seye collected no share from the money..,..,..a week after, i and fausa got sick and it was somehow critical…….we were admitted and we spent almost 5days in the hospital..,i was the first person to got recovered…,…..on the 4th day, the doctor called
me to his office and told me that some of the cells in my body are weaken.,….and also that of fausa,.. ‘your wife was using a powerful drug 4 abortion or using it to wakes some cells up in her body when they were already tired of working.. so this act have killed some cells in her body too’ …the doctor added..

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“…,…..immediately he landed i flashed back to what i heard by the time i caught fausa and mama lola (chemist) about a particular powerful drug”

……’and moreso the womb of your wife is affected. for her to get pregnant is under probability’ the doctor added…….. i kept carried away with my mouth wide open for about 2mins while
the doctor continues. ‘don’t get me wrong o..i didn’t say she won’t have a baby o, but ‘under probability’ the doctor finalize it……..i thank him and we left the hospital the fifth day….,….i told fausa everything about what the doctor said and she knelt down before me and started begging me, she confessed that she used drug for me the day she accompanied mr lecturer to the gate and also the day she went to unspread cloth…,.i was shocked and i regret for not have accepted seye’s suggestion…….so you did it? ‘i altered’
.,..she cried heavily and begged for everything, she also promised for a better change…she rose from
her kneel only on her the nighty gown that reveal her breast whenever she is not on bra….she walked closer to me, hugged me so firmly..,she place her lips to mine while still weeping and she placed my hand on her big breast, pulling me to the bed behind her..,..i forgot everything that had happened at that moment responding to the immune she possessed, i offloaded mysef while i also help her with hers..,..we are having missionary S*x while i was pounding her kittycat so harder, i reduce my power when i remembered
that she was just been discharged from the hospital but instead of her to be happy she was just pulling me so harder and started complaining why i stop F*cking her harder……”it seems she is addicted to hard F*ck”…….so I fire on.
‘please F*ck me hard babe jur’ she altered, this moan
motivated me the more and i pounded her like a rock digger’ i felt tired after 20minutes, i rested on my back and slept off..

..i sicks often and often almost every weeks…,… One night around 11:30pm after we have had our usual S*x…we had a
very hard knock at the door while we ar stil unclad in bed.

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