Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 2

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………….one day i was in the library with my friends solving mathematics, we arrived to a point that we didn’t remember the formula and procedure to solve a given problem again….. …….seye stood and went around the library attendants to seek for their help but none of them got the idea………he went to the other section of the library and he brought to me the idea of going to seyi… …..because we all known that there is no area seyi doesn’t understand in mathematics…. he said seyi was there at one corner of the library at A3 reader section……….i didn’t welcome the idea at onset, i blasted him for raising such idea……..but my other colleagues yell at me in a mocking manner and fortunately, they changed my mind………….i went to her but on my way to where she sat, i saw fausa’s friend making an exit out of the library, immediately she saw me she turned back to greet me

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Anjola: hello dear, whatsup

Me: ”dear ke? You dey mad?” am good and you????

Anjola: as you can see am healthy and strong

Me: You strong???????? Can you do 5 exams per day?????

Anjola: who dey talk about exam????? I’m physically and bedically fit and strong …..

Me: lol, you strong bedically???? How much is whole of your body self

Anjola: don’t goto that area o, i can bet it that your fausa is not even half of me…….

Me: you????? Is it not everything that am seeing made up of u???? Or you kept more at home?????

Anjola: forget! na small but mighty ooooooo…i may be slim but i be lepa to bad’ (twisting her tongue out and body in a seductive manner)

Me: ***chai this girl is falling my hand ooooo, should i make a move, This is surely a chance for me???? “you they craze? What if she doesn’t mean all what she was saying nko???? she go just scatter your home for you ni oooo”***(na so my mind checked me)************…………….. ehen……so am i comparable with your boyfriend

ANjola: forget! though fausa has talked much about you but i can bet it that you can’t do what my boyfriend is doing

Me: lol……….practical na the witness to any says (wait… why would fausa be discussing everything about us with her friends?)

Anjola: practical ko theory ni, na fausa go cuttoff my head………….

Me: ***are the ladies nowadays the same??? Can she be like flora???? Don’t let me talk about it ooo unless i wana put myself into trouble *** lol……we gona see later sha….

-..we departed and she make her way out of the library…… …….meanwhile seyi have been staring at us since we started our conversation over from her seat because I caught her once, her seat was adjacent to the outing section of the library but far to, and hard to hear what the conversation might be……..
I went to her seat and i started the chant….

Me: hello seyi **i patted my hand across her shoulder from back because i change my way to northside direction to her seat

Seyi: ****before she could finally directed her eyes to my side, i heard gbooooooooos****


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