Fausa Eleja season 3 episode 3

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Her phone dropped on the ground and was dismantled….i went on my kneel to recouple the phone for her. but she stopped me

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Seyi: please don’t touch my phone……..

ME: but why?

Seyi: how dare you touching my shoulder even if its a must for you to call my name or speaks with me????

Me: please am sorry, but this doesn’t upto the point of getting you so furious like this

Seyi: haven’t i warned you not to come my path anymore???? What is it you want from me this time around?

Me: i am not coming to you for anything to bother or to hurt you. but i and my friend just need you to teach us something in mathematics

SeyI: did you just say teach??? so you can still seek for my help after you mounted an ever bruises on my heart……. …….where on earth do you expect me to get the mind to teach you with full concentration?

Me: please dear, don’t let talk about that again…..let burry that issue. Please we need your help

SEyi: i can vividly see that you are sick………….before the count of three, i want you to be disappeared before me

ME: please don’t do this to us, please remember the goodies time we have shared together, all this things happening to me is not even clear… please pity my future, I have been passing mathematics with your help, so please don’t let me start be counting among the re-runners of mathematics this final year…

SEYi: leave before i shout…..’in a heavy tone’

Me: please! Please!!……continuously as I walked away from her table in disappointment…..i went back to the midst of my friend and i kept mute. ….they were asking me how it goes but i chose not to tell them anything………….after 15 minutes, we saw seyi coming toward our table in discomfort look…. ……..she came to me and firstly apologize what she did earlier……she said she didn’t mean to, but she did it out of anger ………she sat beside bolaji (one of my friend) and taught us the area before we all left the place that day……….

At 12 minutes past 1am on that particular Friday in the midnight…….i was busy reading at that time when a text got into my phone


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